Breaking a life promise

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Breaking a life promise
Post # 1
I've been dating for the past six months now with a lady whom i've fell desperately in love with. I wanted her to how much i love her so i did whatever i can to prove my love to her and even promised her with my life never to breakup with her and she made me this same promise. But just recently i had sex with my ex-girl friend and i felt very very bad after everything. I don't know know if i've broken the promise i made her or not and i find it so difficult to tell her what I've done behind her. But the truth is, i really do love her and still want to be with her even if i've broken the promise. Please help me coz i really don't know what to do now. i don't know if there will be a punishment for me from nature for what i've done. Please say something.
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Re: Breaking a life promise
Post # 2

Well, this is sort of a tricky situation, isn't it? People could give you varying advice on this, and it comes down to your personal morals. I'm going to tell you what I would do in your situation, and you can do with that information what you will.

I would tell your current girlfriend. I feel like the woman you love has every right to know that you slept with another person. Yes, she may break up with you. That's one of the risks of cheating. However, you seem to feel pretty guilty about this, and if you don't tell her, you might feel bad about this for the rest of y'all's relationship.

If you're concerned about things like this happening again, you could speak to a counselor about impulse control.

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Re: Breaking a life promise
Post # 3
I'm not going to get into morals or my opinions on what you did but technically you didn't break the promise due to the fact that you didn't break up with her. I have a blood promise with my boyfriend and that is when you exchange blood and make a promise and if that's what you did then you can undo the promise by cutting over the scar from the last time and restating what you want or that the promise is undone and over. Then there is the silver tounge promise and if you break that it just means you don't love the person. So it depends on the type of promise you made.
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Re: Breaking a life promise
Post # 4
Thanks Sylviana and Cayleigh, we never did the blood exchange but promise with the tounge. i said "i promise you with my life that i will never leave you or breakup with you, we will live together till death" this is how i said it and she said it same too. I've regret for what i've done and wish to let her know but i don't know how.....
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