Odd dream I experienced

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Odd dream I experienced

Odd dream I experienced
Post # 1
I had a dream that I was in a raft and was in a lake with lion statues around me I don't know if this is a sign for me finding my wiccan god/goddess please help
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Re: Odd dream I experienced
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Odd dream I experienced
By: / Novice
Post # 3

" Raft: Points out that we are going through unstable times and that we need to take a new route in our lives. If the raft sinks, it's a omen of bad luck and unhappiness. If we see ourselves in a raft in the water, it points that we are going to receive a precious help by people we don't know. "

" Lake: Dreaming of a lake with peaceful waters symbolizes our inner peace. If on the other hand, the water is turbulent, it symbolizes the opposite. If we see a lake with vegetation around it, it points affective satisfaction, when it appears without any vegetation it's a sign of loneliness and lack of love. When we go from one margin to the other without any trouble, it symbolizes that we have faced changes with success and that our situation, both economic and affective, will get better. "

" Statue: if we dream that this object is in great condition, it's not broken and it's placed in a appropriate place, it's a good omen. If the statue is broken, in bad condition or placed in a not appropriate place, it means that we will suffer great deceptions from those who we love. "

" Lion: When we see a lion in freedom, it means that we are close to someone who may be a danger to our plans. If we see that we are attacked by the lion and that we can not win the fight, it indicates ganders by a powerful enemy that usually mocks our plans and puts us in bad situations. If what we dream is what we can " dominate ", it means that we achieved the respect of all the people who surround us and that we are successful in the business world. Seeing a family of lions with their babies is a symbol of happiness and joy inside our family. "

These are over-all meanings, they aren't meant to be specific. Only you can really interpret your dreams and know what it means. Take in count every little detail.

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