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What's out there
Post # 1
Ok, so I'm sorry if I sound naive, but I honestly am wondering.

So I know things like ghost, spirits and demons are real, but what else is out there? Like is there such thing as wendigos because they're spirits of cannibalism. What about skinwalkers. Legend says they were a sect of Navajo witches that dealt with death. So I'm just wondering what else do I share my existence with.
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Re: What's out there
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I do know Wendigos are Algoquian Folklore, you could explore different folklores if you are curious, it would be quite cool if you do.

The Norwegians also have great folklores, that leaves you curious on what's real or not. Scottish Folklores are also fascinating, especially the story of the Lochness Monster. I believe there are other things out there, but we never seen them, however, I don't believe in vampires, werewolves, or mermaids, those I know are just fantasy.

I actually didn't hear about wendigos until the game "Until Dawn" came out and I did research.

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Re: What's out there
Post # 3
A lot of very strange things.

As far as skinwalkers go, sure, there are Navajo witches, with shapeshifting-oriented practices(which is not physical shapeshifting, and turning into animals, the reality of it is far more...intriguing).

As far as wendigos, I haven't met one directly, though I would presume they're out there. Either as vampiric spirits, or spirits of hunger, or something else. Sometimes, one just has to learn to look at the functions spiritually, or allegorically, for strange things to make sense.

Like countless descriptions of demons which claim they will "teach you how to fly" which is in reality the grimoire's fancy way of saying they teach astral projection.
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Re: What's out there
By: / Novice
Post # 4

There are spiritual beings which have been fantasised and embellished by the imagination, and then there are physical problems, illnesses, and diseases which have been embellished by the imagination and the idea of creatures borne out of them.

Werewolves are a good example, there is a rare genetic disorder which cases certain individuals to grow masses of hair which makes them look like wolves, couple this with the traditional lore of the full moon being mystical and casing lunacy you have the prototype for the werewolf myth.

I say when it comes to spiritiual beings with tales of physical forms and being able to directly effect the physical plane, take them with a pinch of salt.

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Re: What's out there
Post # 5
Nobody will tell me how to work with a demon, How can I? I also seek help with astral projection and I'm willing to pay the demon something in return.
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Re: What's out there
Post # 6
Demons can be dangerous, so I wouldn't recommend it, but this is coming from someone who has no experience what so ever with demons.
I haven't studied them at all.
I think you should a forum about this, then you might get some professional recommendations and tips!

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Re: What's out there
By: / Novice
Post # 7
You share your existence with a multitude of beings some of which we don't even know about. I'm not sure on the ones you mentioned as they have no interest to me but they might do there are stranger things out there.
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