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become a fairy
Post # 1
Hey guys I found a video on youtube posted by fairy truths on how to become a fairy with invisible wings. It is a real spell which came from Ireland. You do get all the same side effects as other fairy spells. You do become a fairy, have aura's, and have fairy powers. With this spell you get invisible wings, have hidden powers and auras. But most of all you can become a fairy with invisible wings.
Ingredients Needed.
Any type of perfume or clone
An empty clear container
Any type of silver coin
White Fairy Dust
Silica Gel, beans form a stuffed animal or white rice

Casting Instructions.
Take your empty container and fill it up have way with water. Take your perfume or clone and spray the fairy dust till all the dust is all wet. Once the dust is all solid, take your silver coin and scrape the fairy dust into the container with water to disolve and become one with the water and drop the coin in the water. Take the pack of silica gel and submerge the very bottom of the gel into the water and swish it. Then take the silica gel out. Place the mixture container on a surface, and stand above it. Place your right hand over your heart and your left hand over the container covering it completely. While your doing that recite the spell saying Fairy, fairy quite contrary. Make me an invisible Fairy. Irish lands all around. Hear my wish and her my sound 2x and then dispose of the potion and throw the silica gel away. I do plan on becoming an fairy with invisible wings. When I do become that fairy what powers and auras will I have?

Re: become a fairy
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Sorry you cannot become a fairy, with this or any spell, that is not how magick works.
Although many consider the fae to be real, you cannot change your species with magick.

I would recommend looking into the reality of magick and separate fantasy from reality.

Re: become a fairy
Post # 3
Not everyone believes in the Fey, and few understand that they can be very easy to offend and can wreak havok in your life if you disrespect them. I come from Ireland, where we hear stories of relatives (my boyfriend's aunt) suffering from miscarriages and lifelong bad luck for just seeing a fairy and - because it was ugly - being frightened and running away, thus insulting them and bringing their wrath, stories about them swapping human children for ugly Changelings who cry all the time and cause their "parents" untold hassle and heartache, and where the Bean Sidhe (banshee - fairy woman) screams in the night to let you know someone near you is going to die.
They don't have pretty wings and are likely to be insulted by a spell that uses silica gel and "fairy dust" as ingredients. Never know though, they might just ignore it because young people do this stuff all the time. Long story short it won't work.

Re: become a fairy
By: / Novice
Post # 4

It is not possible to physically change your form or dna with magick. Magick works on a subtle level as an aid to life. It works with nature, not against it.

Re: become a fairy
Post # 5
Many things are possible, in the etheral realm. Not so much in the physical realm. Again. You cannot change your specie. You are a human and you will always be a human until you die.

Re: become a fairy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
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Re: become a fairy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Sorry, just because it is on YouTube and claims to be a " real" spell does not make it so. You cannot become a fairy and/or grow wings through the use of magic. You are stuck like the rest of us with beinhg human. So no matter how often you try this spell you will not become a fairy, nor will you gain any magical attributes.

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