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Post # 1
Hey all,

I need help. I recently did a "Talk to Spirits" Spell, This is what it said to do:

Full moon (I used the supermoon)
3 Black Candles
4 Bowls
Dirt, Extra Candle, Incense, Water
Dark Room

Draw a pentagram on the paper with your sharpie, Set in the middle of the room, Set a bowl on each corner of the pentagram, Pour water in one bowl, your extra candle in another, dirt in another, and the incense in another.

Slice your finger, drop some blood into the middle of the pentagram, turn off the light in the room, Open the window, And say the following spell:

I call on the force of the full moon, Please bless this spell.
Goddess of Wind, I call thee
Goddess of Water, I call thee
Goddess of Earth, I call thee
Goddess of Fire, I call thee

I use this blood that has come from my body to represent my spirit. I use these materials to represent the elements.

I call to the spirit world, Spirits of the underworld, Please listen to me! Goddesses of the elements, Please grant my wish, I want to speak to the spirits in the underworld, I call to the power of the full moon to bless this spell, Speak to me, So mote it be

Speak to me, So mote it be
Speak to me, So mote it be
Speak to me, So mote it be!

That was the spell. I heard whispers in my room from that moment, The candles blew out and a wind rushed through my room. This startled me, and I noticed that my blood was gone? I don't know how this happened but my blood vanished, the blood I put on the pentagram. This is when I got severely frightened, I forgot to say goodbye cause of how frightened I was.

I put everything away quickly, and now, I go into Sleep Paralysis, I have constant Hallucinations, I still hear whispers, I can't understand them, they are low and a lot at the same time? I have terrible nightmares, and I know this has to do with the spell, I checked and apparently I was supposed to say goodbye, and immediately shut the window.

I am horrified and I need help, Please help!
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By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Try cleansing your room with sage then cast a banishing and protection spell.
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Post # 3
First, I think you need to try clearing your head. Spend a decent amount of time outside of your room and calming down. Remind yourself how safe you are on the outside, and then begin preparations to effectively banish them from your room - use as many powerful herbs, oils or candles as you would prefer. Considering your level of fright as a result of this spell, I feel that the more support you have from useful items and tools you have, the more confident you will be. Raise your vibration levels. If they're evil they feed off of fear. This much I am certain of because I ended my sleep paralysis in a single night by having faith in the fact that they can only harm me if I'm scared. Also, I read that animals can sense them, so I would depend on my dog's behavior and he was fine, so why couldn't I be? Be strong, take your time and be brave.
Good luck, love!
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Post # 4
I agree with calming down and to all you can put salt in the corners of your room. I have had a similar experience I found smudging with Rosemary instead of sage worked very well for me. I also sleep with Rosemary under my pillow to keep away nightmares. I'm sure we are all thinking of you and sending protection your way Breathed,center ground,meditate
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Post # 5
What you said about animals sencing it, today my Parrot died and my dog is very sick.. Does that have to do with this?

And thanks for the tips, Any herbs you recommend?
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By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Sage is great for cleansing, you can go to articles, under herbalism, and check out all the herbs there, but a lot of people suggest sage because it's a common house hold item and found in kitchens.

You could also cleanse yourself, run a bath, add epsom salt or sea salt, and wash downwards.

As for the animals, I'm not sure why your parrot would die or your dog would get sick, I recommend taking your dog to the vet. The parrot how old was it? Did it seem sick at all? Or did it just randomly die?

I agree on calming down, you need to know your mind is something powerful and can make you stress with fear, depending on the spirits you have "summoned" they could be malicious and feeding off your fears. Try to relax with some hot tea, listening to some music, go outside away from your room. Fresh air will be good for stress.

I also see you didn't cleanse your tools, you always should cleanse your tools after a spell, especially a summoning one. Use epsom or sea salt to cleanse tools.
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Post # 7
Thanks, My parrot randomly died, and I said that in this post because it doesn't seem like a coincidence and the other user said that animals can sense the spirits.
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By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Animals do sense spirits, but they usually give a warning, like a dog will growl/bark and refuse to go into a room that it is afraid of. Not sure about birds though.
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Post # 9
do it again.
Say you are sorry for being scared.
ask them if they can come in a calmer way.
Thank them.

Dont worry about the proper format of the spell or potentially messing it up. spells dont work like that.

Try meditating in a similar fashion to your sleep paralysis.
Prep for it.
There is nothing wrong with sleep paralysis. it is actually a good method for working with energies or spirit(s).

I think you need to work more on calming your fears and less on trying to block this out.
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