Consensual co-possession

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Consensual co-possession
Post # 1
I'm not sure what to call it. There may be a name for it already. But, I'd like to know if anyone has done it, or knows how to do it. Here is the scenario:

Two people want to experience what it is like to be in each other's body, either as the active consciousness (i.e., the "controlling" or "driving" entity), or as a passive observer. It is NOT a forced possession, but is mutually agreed upon by both parties, and is intended for a short, enlightening experience.

If they are swapping bodies, then the temporary resident would, of course be the one in charge. Alternatively,they could take turns being the passive observer inside the host (or, the active being, if the host agrees).

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Re: Consensual co-possession
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Swapping bodies is completely impossible, Hollywood made that idea up for the movie Freaky Friday. Just like you can't change genders, change your eyes, or hair (unless you dye it).

I'm sorry that it can't happen.
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Re: Consensual co-possession
Post # 3
Well I'm not so sure about the exchange of consciousness between two bodies concerning perspective - but I do believe that if one can have the power to change themselves inwardly or physically (ie. you can actually change your eye color over a gradual period of time through biokinesis or rewriting DNA with frequency), and people have also learned to develop telepathy and empathy skills, then why wouldn't it be possible to be a passive observer? Of course, switching into co-possession is probably a stretch, but through practice of meditating, opening the third eye, astral travel etc. - you should be able to achieve your wishes to see from the partner's perspective. If it's mutual, the passive observer and the conscious partner can also work on sharing thoughts - but through this time and development, i imagine the process happening more like a spiritual shadowing from the observer, and the conscious partner would have to be highly skilled to switch levels of consciousness so that they could send you messages as you potentially astral travel behind them.
Hope this helps with your intention of an enlightening experience! Interesting topic by the way ;)
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Re: Consensual co-possession
Post # 4
It seems like there is some precedence for the idea, at least. Concepts like channeling, possessions and walk-ins all present the principle of being influenced by, or controlled by, a "foreign" entity. The idea of a tulpa is somewhat related, as well, although that is not presumed to be a "foreign" entity.

Many years ago I read a short commentary about a Native American tradition of doing something very similar to this. Unfortunately, I don't remember the tribe.
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Re: Consensual co-possession
Post # 5
Seeing as possession is a thing that happens I see no reason why two separate consciousness' or souls or whatever you want to call it could experience something from the same point in one host. Try not to believe that something is truly impossible. Just because something has little to no evidence supporting it does not mean it can't happen. The requirements for it just haven't been met yet. As for actually putting this to the test I'd suggest practicing remote viewing or astral projection.
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Re: Consensual co-possession
Post # 6
I can understand the desire to fully experience each other but I think in a healthy relationship between 2 people you can reach a level of understanding which makes it unnecessary. It's simply called 'closeness'. :) If that really isn't enough, could pray to experience it in a dream.
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