Reconciliation Honey Jar

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Reconciliation Honey Jar
Post # 1
Hi, I apologize if there are other threads about this subjects, I just wanted some advice on a HJ I made a month ago (started on Oct 14th 2016).
My ex boyfriend of 6 years left me in February and then started seeing another girl, I think they broke up (I tried few break up spells as well, don't judge me please).
I did not put persona items or pictures in my jar, big mistake I know! So I was wondering if making another one with those items and keep this one, would be ok.
In this jar I used:
Star Anise;
Ground Coffee;
Ground Cinnamon;
Ground Ginger;
Vanilla Beans;
Rose Petals;
And I think Basil as well (I can't remember all the ingredients).

I keep the jar on a drawing of us I made when we were together, my ex loved that drawing and used it as profile picture until he broke up with me, I also play our song and use a Rose Quartz stone to give the jar more energy.

So far, it's been a month and nothing has happened, I keep asking him how he's doing and the conversation drops suddenly.
What should I do?
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Re: Reconciliation Honey Jar
Post # 2
Well, Honey Jars takes time, you have to know it isn't a quick process, it could take days, months, even years for it to fully work. I see no problem with two jars, I'm sure people made many more.

Maybe he is still healing from the break up, you have to let people heal,You could also talk about the great times you both had, remind him how happy you two were. When you feel that special connection that he's doing well, then ask him if he still has feelings for you, if he doesn't then maybe move on yourself, if he got a new girlfriend after you two broke up, it sounds like he moved on.

It's hard I know, but you'll meet someone new and make you just as happy.
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Re: Reconciliation Honey Jar
Post # 3
Thank you for the reply.
The thing is, he got with this girl not even a couple of months after the break up and to me it seemed like a rebound relationship. I also stated, in my break up spells, that the girl would find someone better, so it wasn't intended to hurt her but him and it was well deserved.
I was angry at him, still am, because he literally got the solution to our problems handed to him on a silver plate but he decided to break up with me. (We had an awful 2015, he lost his job and had an accident, I lost my grandmother, my mother had health issues and I too ended up spending time at the hospital with a very bad stress induced gastritis).
His decision to break up when, finally, we could've been together easily, still makes me cry. He's like this, when things get rough he simply runs away and becomes uncaring, cold and straight up mean.
We had a rough period in late 2006/early 2007, the first time we got together, and he broke up with me, got into another relationship soon after, stayed with that girl for three years and then begged me to get back together. He even asked me to marry him twice since then (it was 2010).

But, apart from my personal story: I opened the jar, as suggested by a root worker, I "fed it" one of my hair rolled tightly around a piece of the cigarette he smoked the last time we saw each other. I put hair+cig inside of a drawing of us I made in 2011, he liked it and since I don't have a phisical photo of us, I thought it could've worked as a connection. I folded the drawing towards me 9 times (my jar is too small, I tried folding it 3 times but the paper was too big) and put it inside.
I stated out loud the intent of the items and then closed the jar.
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Re: Reconciliation Honey Jar
Post # 4
Give it time to work, it's a slow process like I said, but it should work.

Did you add honey after adding all your ingedients?
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Re: Reconciliation Honey Jar
Post # 5
You mean after opening it again? No, should I?
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