newbie "me, myself and I"

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newbie "me, myself and I"
Post # 1
Just joined and this site looks great. Just happened to come across it when I was looking for something to help me pass my driving test. So I'm thinking that it wasn't by chance I found this, it must be my destiny. Anyways my name is Lana and I'm 34, I have 4 gorgeous boys and am a stay at home mama. I love all things mystical and really interested in spiritualism and mediumship and everything involving the higher realm. Hope you are all well and love and light to you all. If I can help anyone with anything just ask, if it's something possible for me to do it's not a problem xx
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Re: newbie "me, myself and I"
Post # 2
Hi and welcome to SOM, I suggest you read The Basics, What Magick Can and Cannot Do, and the different types of Magick before starting any spells. If you have any questions you can mail me and I can answer as best I can :).

Here are some forums/articals to help you out!

What Magick Cannot Do -

The Basics Expanded -

Different Types of Magick -

Newbie Central is also a good place to check out -
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Re: newbie "me, myself and I"
Post # 3
Thanks very much for taking the time to get back to me. Very kind of you and really appreciate it. Could I please ask if you know of a good spell for to pass my driving test....? Failed twice and I'm so hoping this time will be 3rd time lucky...? Thanks for reading

Kind regards
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Re: newbie "me, myself and I"
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I made a luck spell jar for my driving test and took it with me on the day and a bundle of crystals to calm me, i took a long bath the night before with herb mixes my friend gave me for the bath to relax and i grounded myself somehow i passed first time and im aweful haha but sometimes its a good thing your failing because something isnt making you safe yet? Or until your confident doing it 100% i kind of wish i didnt do a spell now because i keep judging myself but im better now i think it was just passing nerves!

I wish you lots of luck and hope tests come cheaper so its less pain failing and losing money. Crazy prices!
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Re: newbie "me, myself and I"
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

The problem is that we could hand you a spell, but if you don't understand how and why magic works and haven't mastered the necessary basics it is unlikely that any spell is going to work for you. That's why you were offered a bunch of links to start learning about real magic.

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