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I'm new
Post # 1
Obviously I'm new, can anyone give advice to a beginner in all of this and how to deal with a family that doesn't approve of any of this??
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Re: I'm new
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: I'm new
Post # 3

I was wondering if your family knew you practiced or do you only think that they wouldn't approve?

As far as dealing with a situation like this, take this time to study. Find out what really interests you, make notes on such things, start collecting spells that interest you, etc. Something subtle you can also work with is a pendulum. Also, if dream interpretation interests you, start a dream journal and go from there!

In general, it's good practice to write everything you do and the results down.
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Re: I'm new
By: / Novice
Post # 4
merry meet! welcome to SoM.

well, for starters, you might want to read a few FAQ's for the site to help you find your way around.
  • FAQ:

  • Newbie Central:

  • Terms of Use:

  • Ranking System:

  • regarding beginner information, again, there's a few to choose from.

  • The Basics:

  • Grounding and Cantering:

  • Visualization:

  • i could include more links and tips if i knew what your specific path was [Wicca, Norse, Celtic, Hoodoo, Witchcraft in general] but i don't want to dump a ton if information on Wicca to find out you practice Shamanism or something lol.

    dealing with a disapproving family can be a tricky thing. have you told them or are you just worried they might not understand? [scenario's you make up in your head are usually worse than reality] if they just don't understand/approve but know you're Pagan, you can try to make situations as smooth as possible [especially if you live at home] keep all Pagan things in your room and avoid bringing up the topic too much [hard as that sounds] but if you live alone and your parents just occasionally visit, decorate however you see fit, and consider putting away a few things when they plan to visit. [my boyfriend and i are pagan, outside of my altar and a book shelf, there really isn't anything that shouts 'Pagans live here!'... at least until i get that welcome mat lol]

    i'm actually really very lucky, my mom is fine with it, and i even have a few pagan cousins [my boyfriends brothers are also Wiccan and his family is totally fine with it] the only really hassle i have is with my dad who just doesn't want to hear about it [and kind of my cousin who's 'born again'] in those cases i just don't say anything unless it's specific, [example dad: any plans this weekend? me: it's Yule, so i'm having people over. short and to the point, then change topic] i know some people who want acceptance and not just tolerance, but sometimes to keep the peace you need to avoid topics. really do some soul searching and figure out what you're ok with, some people are fine having their faith as a side thing most people don't need to talk about, others want to shout it daily [it's like that with any religion really, some are very loud and proud others are more observant]

    best of luck to you.
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    Re: I'm new
    Post # 5
    Hi, I'm new here too.
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