Spells for men to cast

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Spells for men to cast
Post # 1
I've checking out love spells on this website. Was wondering does it matter what sex cast the spell or is there certain spells that men can use. I have a young lady have been friends for a long time but now I've been falling for but trapped in the friend zone
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Re: Spells for men to cast
Post # 2
Nah your gender does not affect how a spell works. However, certain materials and ritual objects do have a masculine and feminine distinction, however it just means that the energies "vibrate" differently.
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Re: Spells for men to cast
Post # 3
Well love spells are never an answer it's because it messes with the free will of the person and with that it won't be real love.

Have you tried telling her how you feel? Try asking out for dinner, a romantic one, then tell her how you feel about her, if she feels the same way good, if not then move on.

Never turn to Magick without trying a mundane approach first. :)
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Re: Spells for men to cast
By: / Novice
Post # 4

A lot of spells can be adapted to suit your own needs. Many are not gender specific. The reason being for example; some love spells may call for the use of perfume or lipstick. As a man, you might not have those things. That's okay, why not substitute essential oil instead of perfume? Just gotta be creative in your spellwork!

You can make your own spells from scratch if you have a basis for what your doing and the know how. If you make your own spell, you dictate your own ingredients and if you use an incantation and what it is. You can use candles, construction paper, yarn or thread, sugar or honey. Oh and of course herbs and gemstones. You can make a potion if you want, that is a real thing. There are many ways of attracting without forcing free will or trying to.

Example of some of the things you can use: lilac, lavander, rose petals, rose quartz, and so forth. With the potion, it is for rubbing on your wrists like a calogne/perfume to attract a mate. Though in your particular situation I would simply say, just talk to her and tell her how you feel. If she is not interested move on. In the process of moving on use a spell/potion to attract love but not force or bind a particular person. I just figure it to be empathy/compassion. If you really love and care about someone and claim her to be a friend, why force what you want on her? I'm not even coming at it from a karma stand point. Just that it's a terrible and nasty thing to do to someone and you wouldn't like it very much if the shoe was on the other foot.

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