Feeling a Bit Shy

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Feeling a Bit Shy
Post # 1
I've been working with magick for 10 years, but I only just joined this site at the request of my girlfriend. I'm used to working in solitary and I've never really had any interactions with any other magick users. I'd like to share some of the spells and tips I've learned over the years, but I'm worried I'll sound silly. Are there any definite no-go's that'll get me laughed at? I'm very experimental and like to use nontraditional ingredients and methods and I don't really know if those kinds of things are frowned upon or not.
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Re: Feeling a Bit Shy
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Welcome to SOM!

As long as you obey the rules and don't say your a vampire, werewolf, any other fantasy creature. You should be good :)

Also check out this forum of What Magick Cannot Do
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Re: Feeling a Bit Shy
Post # 3
Alright! Thanks a bunch!
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Re: Feeling a Bit Shy
Post # 4
Most of us here have worked in solitary as well before joining SpellsofMagic, and are continuously doing so till now. Which means, you won't find it that difficult at all to adjust in here. :) For starters, you can update your Personal Bio, so people will know more or something about you! You mentioned that you have been working on your practices for 10 years already. It is your decision if you want to include them when making your Personal Biography so that people will know what are your experties, and it also gives an idea for everyone in here on what they can go to you for assistance. ( Specific Topic of Practice) Even if we have Threads in here, some people prefer to be guided by someone with in dept knowledge about what they want to accomplish. But do browse the Forum Threads as well! If there are practices you want to share, that will be good.

We always keep an open mind about things. Though you must indeed know what is not allowed to be done in here. Since there are younger people in here as well. We would not want them to do something they will regret doing in the future. (Life is precious to be wasted)

And yes, ShadowBonder is right. Never say you are a vampire, unicorn, or even an Angel. It isn't right! :D It is funny there are people in here who has done that, although we all know it isn't true.

Word of advice: Be mindful of the Public Chat Rules and Rules of the Website!

Welcome to SpellsofMagic!
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Re: Feeling a Bit Shy
Post # 5
I feel shy too.
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