Advice for using an ouija

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Advice for using an ouija

Advice for using an ouija
Post # 1
I have some very active ghosts at my job and even with all the bad things around ouija boards I'm contemplating using one to try and figure out who/what is haunting the place. We often hear them and even a few of my coworkers have seen them or heard them growl right in their ears. I'm wondering if anyone has advice or help on this subject
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Re: Advice for using an ouija
Post # 2
Well I imagine, they may not be ghosts, they are probably demons if it is growls you have been hearing. I advise not using a Ouija board if is your first time playing.
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Re: Advice for using an ouija
Post # 3
If you are planning to use a ojia bore I suggest cleansing the area with sage and say a blessing. I would not recommend using one but rather cleansing the area with salt tobacco and sweet grass aswell as burning sage.
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Re: Advice for using an ouija
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Before using an Ouija Board you should do some research, read some stories etc..

Get familiar with some guidelines on when using the Ouija Board. It's not just simply putting your hands on the planchette and make questions , if you want to make sure you will be safe during and after the seance, you should follow some guidelines. An important note is to never leave the planchette unattended and remember to always say " goodbye ".

" 2- Before using an Ouija Board Before using an Ouija Board you should prepare your selfmentally and spiritually .Don't be scared, trust your self and you'll be fine. Set the mood, light someincense , somecandles . No, youdo not need to turn off the lights, it's not really necessary. Take a few deep breaths, just be totally relaxed. Also,tell your friends to be serious and to not play around or ask stupid questions such has " Will my friend " x " die tomorrow? Did you felt pain when you died? " etc..There are certain things in life that you do not want an answer for. "

The Board lies, it lies a lot. Nothing will guarantee you the spirit that you're talking to is from a friendly nature. Do not trust the Board, spirits tend to lie to make the user " addicted " to the board.

The Ouija Board is not a toy and it should not be considered such.

Obs: The quote was taken from a thread i created talking about the Ouija Board, this thread will be found on the Penta Magic Coven.

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