Remembrance Memorial

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Remembrance Memorial
Post # 1
A classmate of mine recently passed away through means of suicide. She shares my name(Zoe) and I feel like I should do some form of spiritual ritual/spell in her honor. Any suggestions as to what I could do?
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Re: Remembrance Memorial
Post # 2
Suicide is awful, I am so sorry, and I also know what you are going through. My friend committed suicide a few years ago, and the pain seems like it will never heal, but it will I promise you on that. It takes time, but keeping the good times, the loved times, and the fun times close to your heart helps a lot.

You could take pictures of her and you (the good happy ones) and say in loving memory we love and miss you. Leave teddy bears or flowers at her home or grave site, or make a shrine (I do believe the japanese do this) and pray for her (If you believe in God or pray to whomever you believe.) at the shrine place her favorite things, like cds, flowers, make up, pictures of course, stuffed animals, etc.

Another way you could make your own ritual or way to honor her. Follow what's in your heart.

Once again, I am sorry for your lost.
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Re: Remembrance Memorial
Post # 3
Im so sorry for your loss. I lost a best friend the same way 7 months ago. What I do is light a white candle every once and a while in his remembrance and just think of all the good and it helps me feel closer to him. Maybe you could plant a tree or something in her honor at the school or at your house. I don't know of and rituals or spells but as said you can make your own. Blessed be.
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Re: Remembrance Memorial
Post # 4
I am so sorry for your loss.

You could do as ShadowBonder said, those are great options!

The suggestion I come to offer is, if you want to do something directed at her spirit, directly between you and her, utilizing the Craft; you could commune with her via meditation. Or cast a circle and call her spirit (that is if she's around. Suicide is sure a terrible thing, it hurts the soul in ways other deaths just don't compare, it may be a while before she's available for that type of connection to be called upon). Create your own spell to commune with her and deliver the message that you care that she's no longer there, you're sorry that she was lead to such a dark place and that despite passing- she is not alone.

You could also get 1 white and 1 black candle and something that represents her (it can be anything from a small bag filled with magical herbs you feel represent her, specific gems, flowers, a picture of her,etc- whatever feels authentic to you).
Place the white candle on the left (this represents life, it represents you), in the middle the item(s) representing her (this represents who your message is intended for, more specifically, it guides your message to the correct spirit)and on the right the black candle (which literally represents her, the dead). Light the white candle and open the means of communication with the spirits by first calling on the deity of your path (meaning, I don?t know what craft/path you follow, but nearly all of them have a spirit or entity responsible for communication and/or the ability to communicate with the dead, so this is reliant on what you believe) that facilitates communication with the realm she?s entered. Tell them you wish to honor her with a message, ask for the message to be relayed to her or if permissible for her to listen and thank them.
Then crossing above the item(s), light the black candle with the white one and begin to speak to her. When you are done relaying your message, wish her well and say good bye. Then announce to the deity/spirit facilitating the communication that you are have finished, thank them and as you blow out the black candle say ?As I blow this out, communication from the realm beyond is done. No unwanted spirits may make contact.? When you then proceed to blow out the white candle say, ?As I blow this out, I end the communication with the deities/gods/goddesses. Thank you for your aid and guidance.?
After that, any ritual or spell for cleansing the space you performed this in you wish to perform is fine to do. If you do not wish to keep the item(s) representing her, you could leave them by wherever there is a memorial erected for her (I?m sure there must be one) to create a connection for her spirit at the memorial. Like I said earlier, Suicide is taxing on the soul, if you were to leave the item(s) used to communicate with her at a memorial it could amplify other?s messages to her, which would be very sweet and do a great honor.
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