A Spell To See The Error

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A Spell To See The Error
Post # 1
There is someone lately whom I and a few of my friends are really angry and annoyed at, someone from my school, I would want to make him see the error of his ways through a spell so nothing won't go worse. He teases a lot and I can say he is still a bully himself. No matter what I do he doesn't want to change, consulted someone to help but he conceals himself using lies. So through a spell will be my only chance before everybody else gets harmed by his ways.
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Re: A Spell To See The Error
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well without the person wanting to change a spell will only be temporary. you could look into a spell to make him confess or tell the truth. you could also try recording the behaviour to use as evidence, or tell him if he doesn't stop you cannot be his friend. harsh, but it can work [my friends did that to me once and it snapped me back to reality]
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Re: A Spell To See The Error
Post # 3
I tell you no matter what I do he won't change...
I have tried what you have said but he doesn't care at all...
I'm going to try to summon something or someone to help me with this instead of casting a spell, now is the perfect time anyway to summon a large amount of entities, spirits, and anything like that.
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Re: A Spell To See The Error
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
If he doesn't care, maybe he just isn't a good friend. No matter what you do, he won't change I'm afraid, people don't change willingly or even if you summon something to scare him to change. He won't that's who he is.

It sounds like he is being immature, if that's the case, you could tell him to grow up. I do agree on recording him, showing a teacher or your parents, if he's bullying you and others. If you don't want to that, then I am not sure what you can do.

I wish you luck. Becareful when summoning entites, spirits, demons, etc, they could hurt you, instead of him, be wise when you are summoning, and make sure to protect yourself.
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Re: A Spell To See The Error
Post # 5
If there was one thing in this world that you will find a challenge of changing, that will be: The People around you. Especially, the bully kind. No matter how difficult they are to deal with, you will have to accept them for who they are now because in most cases change is something they alone can initiate, and that happens if there was something heart breaking has happened due to their actions. Sometimes it is one of the same but the exact opposite, whom they will find irritating or one who is above them in their ways.

You will only exhaust your strength especially your efforts.

If it is the truth you speak, it usually takes about an entire semester or the duration of 1 school year before you start knowing a little of what the person feels. Most cases will be:
1. Arguments in the family
2. Death of a close relative or friend
3. Separation of a friend

Or it can be that the individual does not know how to interact with people in a friendly manner and if he tries, he will only look at most an average human being to others he does not wish to show any weakness at all. So take it easy for now and let all things unfold in time. I just hope that when he is ready to be true to himself and other people, you are still willing to accept him and forgive his mistakes.
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Re: A Spell To See The Error
Post # 6
Old habits are actually hard to break. Change also is a pretty big word to do to another person. When people change, they will either learn it the hard way or they are tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

And in most cases: People learn it the hard way!

(There are people who are in their late thirties who have been a bully when they were still in their teenage days and still are now. But not like they used to be.)

Try to find something common to communicate with him if you are a risk taker! But if there was one thing you must not do while you are in his/her comfort zone. Do not wish him to surrender or change him on the inside yourself. (You are only putting yourself in danger if you do so) And he/she might not like you anymore. Ever! You might even experience the worst of how dark school days can be.
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Re: A Spell To See The Error
Post # 7
Thanks for the opinions and help guys and gals... I'm still finding the spell I'm looking for though...
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