Green energy

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Green energy
Post # 1
I hope everyone is celebrating samhain nicely.Back to topic now few days ago i was simply having my breakfast when i notice something bright green floating in the air it was something like big green spots.I however brushed off the idea as i would have seen someone wearing a green dress and the afterimage is green around my eyes.This floating green energy was there with me throughout the day.Even when i was working on my desktop i instantly saw big green blobs around me.I dismissed it as my eyes playing tricks on me.I want to clear this i do not have a fascination towards the color green so it is impossible for my eyes to imagine green around me for the entire day.I would be happy if someone was able to tell me what i was seeing or why was this happening.Thank you!
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Re: Green energy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If this persists for more than a few days, I would consult an eye doctor to rule out some sort of eye problem.
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Re: Green energy
Post # 3

I agree with Star, you might have something embedded in your cornea, or you might have like a neurological impairment causing you to see flashes and blobs of green. or you could have developed some form of synesthisia. Either way boo boo kitty I would book that appoint asap.


~ Jenna Sis Masters

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Re: Green energy
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i know it can be annoying to hear, but rule out medical before turning to the magickal.

if you have seen a doctor and your eyes are fine, it could be a spirit, maybe a faerie or any number of astral beings. it's really hard to determine from an orb [though certain beings more commonly have specific colours] reflect on the orb, how did you feel when you saw it? did it appear in certain situations [were you nervous, jealous, happy, reflecting] did you see the orb the next day or day after? if so, try speaking with it, or meditating [pendulum work might also help] to see if it is anything that's simply visiting. with the veil so thin it could be just a wandering spirit. did any loved ones die this year? [pets too] it could be them checking in on your before returning to summerland or where ever.
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Re: Green energy
Post # 5
Thanks for all the help but i do assure u my eyes are fine also i have not seen the green blob next day.I had a weird feeling of someone lingering to me the entire day.Maybe it was someone visiting me but thanks for all your help.
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