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Post # 1
Hello. I have recently read articles on Norse Paganism and Wicca. Can I do both?
Also can I worship a Norse God and a Hindu God
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Re: Deities
Post # 2

Simply, You can do whatever you want. Worship whoever you want. :P

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Re: Deities
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

As I told you via mail when you asked: You can worship whichever deities you desire, from whichever pantheons you desire. But Norse paganism (Heathenry) is not the same as Wicca, and does not involve the same things. Two completely different practices, with two completely different religious concepts. I've heard of some people claiming to be "Norse-Wicca" but I think it's bleh, as it has little to nothing to actually do with Norse culture, tradition, or religious concepts. It's more just cherry picking Norse deities and trying to fit them into whatever frame you're wanting. Which is fine, if that's what you want to do. But don't call it Heathenry because it isn't.

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Re: Deities
Post # 4
You can, absolutely, but be mindful that you need to research closely what each specefic deity needs, and if they can even bother to coexist for you. A lot of them are unwilling to work alongside others from a separate pantheon.
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Re: Deities
Post # 5
One of the nice things about Wicca is it's inclusiveness...pretty much anything goes. The main thing is the Rede: ..."harm none."

That said, my biggest hang up was always the Goddess/God thing. Wiccan seem to spend a lot of time talking about the Goddess and horned God which was hard for me because I've always had connections to other gods from different pantheons (such as the Morrigan and Odin, for example). I felt for a long time that this was going to be a problem esp since some of the Celtic and heathen traditions of worship differ from Wiccan traditions.

After reading and research, however, I found this kind of thing is super normal and really open to interpretation. In prayers or spells calling on any god, goddess, or duo, a practitioner is free to insert the god or goddess they prefer to work with in that circumstance.

Different branches of Wicca have different deities they call on and different cultural rituals they borrow from. If you're planning on going the coven route, it might be useful to see what's available in your area and choose a group that best jives with you (easier said than done). Even within most covens, there's plenty of room for individuality and it's encouraged.

If you're going the solitary route, then you really have no's all trial and error. And if you find a mix-up that really works for you, you could even start your own coven. Some ppl might balk at this, but honestly there wouldn't be enough outlets if ppl didn't just dive for it this way.

A good book for reference and starting down this path is Starhawk's Spiral Dance.

Good luck!
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Re: Deities
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Its being called eclectic, you can combine things from other traditions, however Hellenism is not one to combine with anything else.
As for the Gods, Judika Illes had a book called The Spirit Guide, it lists all the Gods, and Goddess, what they like, offerings, who they will or wont work with, id suggest you buy the book, its on Amazon. (not the kindle version)you need to be able to skip around in that book.
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