need a luck spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> need a luck spell

need a luck spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Would someone be willing to like give me a luck spell or help me with casting it?? Ive been having really bad luck lately making friends and at school etc

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Re: need a luck spell
Post # 2
There are plenty of luck spells you could try, but since you are a beginner, learn The Basics first, and read the articles, you will find them quite helpful. If you cast the spell yourself it will be more powerful.
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Re: need a luck spell
Post # 3
okay, I don't neccesarily have a SPELL, but I do make a lot of charms. I would recommend using something fire-proof as the charm base, as my rituals usually involve candles/fire.
*coming back to post after checking book of shadows and consulting sources* Okay, so here's what I've come up with. You'll need: a pink candle (or a white candle with a pink string tied around it), a piece of amythest/clear quartz (or an object that symbolizes friendship or magic energy to you personally), and the object you wish to enchant (a metal ring works well, or some kind of necklace pendant or bead, or it could be the previously mentioned crystal or object).
Cast a circle as you light the candle and ask the spirits/ what ever god/gods/deities you worship to help you and invite them into the circle. hold the object you wish to enchant in one hand, and simply have the other object in the circle (or hold it in the other hand, what ever's more comfortable for you). Ask for the power of the crystal/symbolic object and ask for who ever to wear the object you wish to enchant to be blessed with charisma and many beautiful friendships. Think of the friends you've made in the past, all the friends you want to make right now, and all the friends you will make in the future. feel warm, happy, friendly feelings flowing into the object. Wave it over the fire and seal the spell, saying as you do, tis my will, so mote it be. may no harm come from this spell back unto me.
even though you have this charm, friends will not instantly flock to you. magic is much more subtle than that, but this is not a difficult or complex ritual, so it should work fine. Also, because it is so basic, you can add onto it in whatever ways you want, and completely customize it to make it your own. If it winds up working well, would you mind messaging me? also, feel free to post it on the site if you feel it could help other people. Thanks~! =^-^=
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