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Forums -> Misc Topics -> breakup

Post # 1
I need something. My girlfriend forced me to get with her because she would have killed herself if i didnt she is serious trust me but i dont have feelings for her at all and i dont want her to get hurt i would rather me and her be friends is there anything that can just make her lose feelings for me?
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Re: breakup
Post # 2
Dabbling in magic for a break up is never a good way, sure you could try, but it could also back fire. Try sitting her down first, talk to her, and explain how YOU feel. If she loves you, she will listen, if she threatens to harm herself, just tell her how that hurts you as a friend, break up spells is never an answer.

Also, if she needs help emotionally, let her know you are there and that you care about her.

If she's depressed, tell her there are so many things that can help, you can even try happiness spells for her, but they'd work better if she casted them herself.

Even talking to people who suffered from depression or were suicidal helps on some. The Suicide Hotline does wonders for those in need.

I hope this helps, good luck and may the gods and goddesses guide you.
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Re: breakup
Post # 3

I to have had this happen to me multiple times to the point where they self harmed right in front of me, cutting themselves saying "look what you are doing to me" . My suggestion is sit down with her. Tell her you want to take a break, that you wont be looking for another relationship at all. I would also suggestweaning her off of you. Instead of just up an leaving when you tell her you need a break and ignoring her an never speaking. Still hangout, Talk to her, Hangout the odd time, This will show her you do care. Make sure to say that if you didn't care for her you would just break up and leave ignroing her but you are not like that. Don't hangout as much as you did when you dated, make sure your ex-partner knows you have a life as well. Also make sure to ask her, what she hopes to achieve by killing her self and how selfish that act is. Again say this in a caring an loving manner not yelling and belittling her. Explain that it is selfish because you only are thinking about yourself. What about your family who cares, other friends and how it will effect them. Alot of people will disagree with me, but its important you show her you do care. But this isn't working out at all and you are here to help her transition.I hope this helps a bit.

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Re: breakup
Post # 4
Thanks guys i handled it before i saw this and it went better than expected but if she starts beings suicidal again i have the supplies for a binding spell incase and i told her to text me when she gets sad but i think i have this under control she doesnt seem sad at all too anyway thanks for the help
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