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Wish Spell
Post # 1
I have a question about this wish spell.

Something to write with
Candle, color chosen depending on your wish.

from dot__000

Casting Instructions for 'Wish Spell'

This is a simple wish spell requiring few ingredients. On a piece of paper write your wish. You can do this on any color paper with any color ink but I would recommend using a diffrent color depending on your wish, same goes for the candle. Draw a pentacle over your wish. Light a candle, if you dont know what color to use then just use a white candle, and say your wish followed by This is my will so mote it be!
After I cast this spell what should I do with the paper should I burn it or sleep with it under my pillow?
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Re: Wish Spell
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 2
Which ever you please.
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Re: Wish Spell
Post # 3
How long will it take for the spell to work?
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Re: Wish Spell
Post # 4

As an experience spell caster,I would like to comment a few things.

  1. This spell lacks a Subject . There must be something or someone for whom you are directing your energy to acheive your wish.
  2. Lack of Proper ingredients . A strong wish spell will always contain a list of powerful ingredients. They help in various ways.
  3. Lack of The Intention : Without intention,a spell is like a weekend without Netflix. Intention determines how the spell will work and what is the caster's purpose on doing the spell. It is the heart of the spell.
  4. Bad Conclusion : As you pointed out, the author did not mention hat you should do after you cast the spell. It lacks much details .

Choose a good and strong wish spell. If you wish,I can write one for you.

Thank you.


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Re: Wish Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
If you are writing your wish on a piece of paper, this is almost a Sigil. I would suggest that you learn how to form a Sigil and how to activate it. The making of the Sigil is the Intent and the burning of the Sigil is the activation. This is a form of Chaos Magick.
If you are doing the spell as written I would burn the paper and dispose of it in the garden.
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