Long Term Effects

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Long Term Effects
Post # 1
Hello :)

A year ago I met a man and fell in love with him. He professed his love for me and we had a very passionate affair. His life circumstances at the time were complicated (and they continue to be complicated) and long story short another woman was in the picture. This led me to become increasingly distrustful of his words and even his demonstrations of love. We argued a lot and I attempted to shut him out several times. At a certain point I realized that our love was incredibly binding because despite the emotional turmoil he caused we always ended up back with each other. One time after we had been arguing I decided to perform a spell in conjunction with a honey jar that I created over a 5-day period. The jar included an effigy with my wishes for his happiness and for us to be together. I also included that if we were not fated to be with each other that the Goddess would grant us peace and happiness and healing as we go our separate ways. The candle spell I performed was found on and is a voodoo candle spell to call your loved one back to your arms. I performed the candle spell on the first day I began the honey jar. 30 minutes after I dropped the the jar into the east river my lover called me and set up a time for us to meet.

What I would like insight on is the long term effects of this work. We have continued to have a rocky relationship and have gone through much heartache. He still has a chaotic life and I still want him to change although my reasonable mind says that he will not do so at my behest. I know that I will never stop loving him. If you have any magical methods for me to communicate this love to him without asking anything in return I would appreciate that. I just want to find a healthy way to love him and feel close to him without the fears and insecurities l. Thank you for your help.
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Re: Long Term Effects
Post # 2
That is a tough one, you could try using a emotional moon conection.... But they dont usally work that way..... My best answer is to use the colors of power, as I call them, the color white would be the one to use. I wish the best for you
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