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I am "New...
Post # 1
I am 18 years old, and recently stumbled across Wicca. I am a little nervous, though, to be doing a lot of this online. I want to make sure I am investing in White magic, positive energy, meditation and everything good. But I am not sure what Thread of Wicca I should devote myself to. I bought books from Silver RavenWolf online, and I have yet to finish them. But I guess I am just nervous to meet you all, and I do want to learn as much as I can!
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Re: I am "New...
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Steer clear of Silver RavenWolf. There is a lot of misinformation in her books and she shows a lot of blatant disrespect for various cultures. I'm glad that you are reading and taking time to do research though! That is a very good first step.

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Re: I am "New...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Yea Silver Ravenwolf isn't the most reputable out there, but even if she was I suggest getting information from many sources. Practice is another important one. I get being nervous, but meditation, energy work, and similar things people view as 'the basics' should be practiced. It will take time so keep trying.

I also suggest really taking a step back and figuring out the Rede and Threefold Law. Many people take them at face value [don't harm and karma times three] But what is 'harm'? To you, is cursing someone in self defence harm? Is gossip harm? Physical violence? Eating unhealthy food? I suggest making a list of personal beliefs and putting it away for 3 month [in those 3 months study and practice your craft] after the time has passed take the list out, read over it, and edit the the list with new information or remove points you don't hold true. Repeat this 3 more times through your year and a day so by the end you should have a pretty clear view of your beliefs.

About which Wiccan path is for you, it honestly doesn't matter. If you feel like dedicating yourself to the Wiccan Lord and Lady it doesn't matter if you start out practicing Fae Wicca, then lean to Seax Wicca and eventually settle on Eclectic Wicca. Paths change as you grow, dedications are to deity not the path by name. I've been Wiccan for over 10 years, I have had points where I didn't practice, practiced daily, called myself Wiccan, Eclectic, Gardinian, and currently I'm leaning towards Seax Wicca. All that time I've believed the Rede and Threefold Law, I believed in the Lady and Lord so I was still Wiccan. Names aren't as important as what you do, don't be so concerned what box you fit into. Trust me, as time goes on you will grow.
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Re: I am "New...
Post # 4
Welcome to this branch of paganism! Before you delve too deep, make sure Wicca really is exactly what you want. A lot of beginners happen to dive into Wicca because it's a very popular pagan religion, but it isn't the only one. There are tons of others that include many, many gods and goddesses. Also note that since you're new and studying online, many people won't consider you actually Wiccan and demand you renounce yourself based on the fact that you aren't in a coven, don't practice in the nude, in a special ceremonial cloak, use a black-handled athame, etc. Research exactly what branch you wish to be in and take what others say with a grain of salt. They may just be chiding you with what they believe Wicca should be according to their branch. I do, however, recommend you read the original Witchcraft Today by Gerald Gardner. It will tell you a lot about the history of Wicca and its beliefs. Do take this book with a grain of salt also, though, because it is based largely off Gardner's theories, not facts, and is muddled with some racist ideas of the 50's and such. I've heard you should avoid writings by Silver Ravenwolf and Scott Cunningham. Raymond Buckland seems to be a pretty reputable writer, however. Research is the best thing, and know that the pagan community can be a bit testy sometimes. Best of luck to you!
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Re: I am "New...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Hi Kart123, I have been a practicing Wiccan since 1980 and ran my own real-life coven from 1996 until 2008. Just thought I'd let you know that I'd be happy to try to answer any specific questions you might have about Wicca.

One place to start is in the Wicca Forum right here on Spells of Magic. In particular, take a look at these threads:

What Wicca Is and Isn't:

Main Wicca Posts:

If I could recommend two books to anyone serious about starting out in Wicca they would be:

"Wicca: A Year and a Day" by Timothy Roderick

"Wicca" by Thea Sabin

Some other excellent books on the subject include:

"The Heart of Wicca" by Ellen Cannon Reed

"A Witch Alone" by Marian Green

"The Elements of Ritual" by Deborah Lipp

And as already mentioned, I wouild second the suggestion to read "Witchcraft Today" and "The Meaning of Witchcraft" by Gerald Gardner to understand the roots of the Wiccan religion

I wouldn't be worrying about which Tradition of Wicca you might eventually follow. Right now the best thing is to just concentrate on learning as much as you can about the religion to make sure it truly resonates with you spiritually.

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