Was it Astral Projection?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Was it Astral Projection?

Was it Astral Projection?
Post # 1
I had a dream that I was very aware of, and I was in the area I am familiar with, but this area I haven't seen before. Like, it wasn't "familiar" just relevant. I asked my mother about the area and she said that before I was even born they lived in an area where that was.

She took me to the spot and it was just like the dream.

But in this dream I was being chased by a lion. I look back to run and there is a few kids that I never seen before. The lion is very close to me and I grab a kid on the shoulder and push him. The lion eats him, and the screams are very unforgettable. This was also scary for me because never have I had a dream with blood in it.

Next thing I know I am in a building with a store name. (not saying the name to protect where I live). And this place I asked my mom, she said long before I was born the place existed but got bought out. I never heard this store ever in my life till that moment.

It ends way out of my control with me turning into the building and then I just woke up.

So, what is going on? What could it mean?
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Re: Was it Astral Projection?
Post # 2
Sounds like a premonition dream. I have dreams of place that no longer exist and of places I've yet to go, but only realize it as I approach or see the place for the first time.Almost like Dejavu, but instead I can clearly remember when and where I was when I first dreamed it and what occurred. Sometimes I can finish other people's sentences in passing because it was in the dream (but I refrain and recommend you refrain from doing that if it ever occurs to you bc I freaked someone out once when I did it and end up in a physical fight). If it's vivid enough to bother me or awe me, I take note of it because it might mean more than a usual dream.
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Re: Was it Astral Projection?
Post # 3
I would say you might have a gift for divination.

My interpretation of your dream (WHICH COULD BE ENTIRELY WRONG, Dreams are personal and I honestly think the best interpretation comes from the dreamer themselves) is:
The dream might have been trying to deliver the message that you have said gift and that in pursuing it or feeling like you must pursue it (the lion could be chasing you to encourage you to go in that direction or telling you, you must go in that direction for growth), you may have to sacrifice a piece or aspect of yourself (the kid the lion eat)- which will not be easy (hence the screams resonating with you), but will build you up (like the building you become).
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