Job Trouble

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Job Trouble

Job Trouble
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Hi, ive been trying to apply to a bunch of jobs and not getting anywhere with it. I was wndering if someone knew about job spells or had magic advise for me how to cast spells to give me better odds at getting a job? maybe someone could help. Thanks!

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Re: Job Trouble
Post # 2
Maybe some good luck spells? A spell of good luck should help you find a job, and maybe spell an item as a "lucky charm" to carry with you to an interveiw. Hope this helped!
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Re: Job Trouble
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Anything else I can do to increase my chance of getting a job?

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Re: Job Trouble
Post # 4

Sometimes magik isn't what you need. But what you need is a education, and certain qualifications. As well as a good written resume and sometimes cover letter. I would suggest getting some help with writing your resume/cover letter. Have someone look over them. Cleanse your apartment with some sage. Get rid of that negative ju ju. When done light some candles in a circle close your eyes a meditate. Think about how you are going to get a job, You will, The happiness it will bring, The joy, Take everything in. Also a good luck spell or charm may help as well. There are a ton out there.

If you still cannot find a job, maybe its due to your lack of experience. Look inside your self, think of what you are good at and how you can utilize that as a tool and turn it into a job full or part time until you find a full time job.

If you like pets, Make adds to walk dogs weekly/monthly or even groom and baby sit animals. If you like writing there are a ton of websites who will pay you to write articles. If you are creative you can also create art/clothes and items an re sell them on sites such as ebay,craigslist,ebay. Another thing you can do is by and re sell stuff. Go to local thrift or second hand stores, even look at adds. Find something that maybe worth more then the market price the resell for more. Or refurbish it entirely an re sell. There are so many small jobs you can do while on your search for full time eomployment. One lady I no even does shopping for old people. They pay her to go to the store or grocery shopping. Another friend of mine gets paid by uber an drives people around. You can even do this without uber, By advertising the web or around town.


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Re: Job Trouble
Post # 5
irst of all, think positively.
Negative thoughts will bring about negative results.
After a week of applying, get calling and seeing about the progress of your application being viewed and ask if they are still hiring.
All mundane actions should be taken first, before the use of Magick should occur, in my opinion.
If that doesn't help, either make your own spell, that way it is stronger, more personal, and tailored specifically to your needs.
Or, create a Sigil.
If you have no experience working with 'The Basics' then the chances of your spell working are slim
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