God-Magik combined

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God-Magik combined
Post # 1
This thread is a share of my understanding between my religion and beliefs. I only ask you consider it before you desire any remarks of opposition against me.

In my first year of learning magik, I was held back because of religion. I was raised by a Catholic family and a strong and protective mother who was rooted with her own beliefs that grew to strong to be swayed. And because of this I forfeited my magic.

The reason is because I looked up "Is white magic against God" and I found an answer most common. To sum it up the answer was "Yes" but then I thought. No one really knows God, no one really knows magik. No one really knows science. What if, what if how we look at things is right and wrong? What if its combined?

What if God is either magik itself or creator of magik. Magik was given to humans for a reason. And its not about to be lost. That is why I have created a religion. Where all religions merge. All beliefs.

What if God is what Hindus think? They belief there is millions of gods and goddesses representing everything. Well Christians believe he is everywhere. The resemblance is true. Magik is also everywhere.

See what I am getting at?

That is why I created the Mystic Order of God. A religion devoted to a God. A God merged of all the others. He is what Christians and Hindus and Jews and Muslims believe in alike. He is magik alive. He is pure like the Buddhist seek. Everyone had it right. And I think I am too.

Opinions of this?
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Re: God-Magik combined
Post # 2

Well, I actually know a few people who follow belief systems like this, and I always found it to be an interesting philosophy. It's not 100% original, but it seems to be a bit different from similar traditions I have heard of.

It doesn't exactly include everyone's beliefs, though--it's not compatible for people who do not believe in deities, for example. Basically, I don't think the religion achieves "everyone had it right," but I don't think there's anything bad about the religion, either.

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Re: God-Magik combined
Post # 3
How can there be a god? If he all loving and caring why does he put people in terrible situations and take away everything they have come to know and love?
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Re: God-Magik combined
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
There are many Gods, not all of them are 'all loving and all caring'.
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Re: God-Magik combined
Post # 5
" Zoroastrianism "
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