Vivid dream warns me

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Vivid dream warns me

Vivid dream warns me
Post # 1
I've been wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?
I was having a normal dream that I don't fully recall,
then all of a sudden I'm somewhere in like a waiting room, then I was told by the person next to me that,"everyone who comes here has up to 10 years left".
That wasn't the weirdest part to it .
Whilst I was talking to this person next to me he said "we've all got to go back to sleep " I turn to my right and everyone sitting in a bed & there's one empty for me, I get in and close my eyes and I started hearing tiny tempas song children of the sun, then I felt I was floating up,and as soon as I went to open my eyes I was awake in my bed!
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Re: Vivid dream warns me
Post # 2
That has to be one of the scariest experiences ever. I have 2 ideas. 1) it's a premonition and you should get a full-body checkup 2) an evil entity is using this to feed of your energy
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Re: Vivid dream warns me
Post # 3
Thanks for the input Blake, but it's not the scariest thing I've seen. Check my profile for my near death experience. I need to get a health check soon I agree, but there's no way to get blood from me you see for I'm a upper bilateral amputee and hospitals aren't insured to take blood from elsewhere + I hate needles lol.
As for the evil creatures, I believe it to be true,but someone private message me not long ago about this subject telling me about "spirit of dead" are warning me to avoid my premature death,and that I have a death aura
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Re: Vivid dream warns me
Post # 4
I have had a similar experience, except it was the christian "devil" telling me I had 31 days to live. Obviously I didn't die, but some aspect of my personality did die because I didn't need it anymore. Sometimes dreams have to be interpreted literally or metaphorically. In my case it was metaphorically.
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Re: Vivid dream warns me
Post # 5
When a dream based upon death. Doesn't actually mean that someone would pass on. But death is seen as a phase of birth and new Beginings. Or a project or a relationship with that person you speak of will die out.
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