How do I become a witch?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> How do I become a witch?

How do I become a witch?
Post # 1
I've done the spell of how to become a witch and not sure if it worked. Can anyone give me a reliable spell?
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Re: How do I become a witch?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: How do I become a witch?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

The term "witch" is generally used to describe those that practice magic, spellcraft, etc. It comes from Anglo-Saxon roots and meant "wise one" or "to have wit."

That being said, anyone that practices magic could be considered a witch, if that is the term that they wish to use to describe themselves.
Casting a spell to become a witch isn't going to give you any magical know-how or skill. If you want to be a witch or practice magic, I'd suggest you start from the very bottom, the basics, and work your way up.
Start by learning about what magic actually is. What it can do, what it can't do. And then look into meditation, visualization, basic energy work, etc.
If you truly wish to practice, you actually need to put in the effort.
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Re: How do I become a witch?
Post # 4
Casting a spell to become a Witch does not mean you are a Witch. Practicing Witchcraft also does not mean you are a Witch, or being Wiccan/Pagan also does not mean you are a Witch. If you practice Witchcraft and wish to call yourself a Witch, then that is fine. If you are not Wiccan or Pagan but also want to call yourself a Witch that is fine. I suggest researching all the information you need. Do you wish to follow the old Pagan path? Or do you just wish to practice Witchcraft? Being a Witch isn't all about the fancy spells or tools and stuff, its about being yourself, expressing yourself, expressing your dark side, expressing your light side, expressing your spirituality, expressing the magic inside you, expressing basically your lifestyle. Being a Witch comes from your heart, not a spell that says if you do it you automatically be a Witch. Just be yourself, do your research, practice some magic, know your stuff, stick to the old ways if you wish, or maybe even be eclectic. Its all your choice. Good luck on your path.

Blessed Be ~
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Re: How do I become a witch?
Post # 5
i have studied magick for a while so i can be considered a schoolar of the arts. my studies have uncovered a lot of information. one of those things is that you must be born with the gift. that does not mean that you directly know about it yourself however but another mage can sense it. as it is genetic there might be a way to uncover the gene and give it to people that does not have it, in the future.
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Re: How do I become a witch?
By: / Novice
Post # 6

If you study and practice magick; you could call yourself a witch. Those are the basic, "qualifications".

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Re: How do I become a witch?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

How does one become a Witch:101.

Various traditions, cultures, beliefs etc have their own views on Witches and where the 'Power of a Witch' comes from, some need to take an oath, some a born with it, some have it 'thrusted upon them' - taking the idea from the Quote 'Some a Born Great, Some achieve Greatness and some have Greatness thrust upon them'.

Born with it

For years there has been belief that some people are born for the talent for Witchcraft/Born to be witches, this idea has been around for years (Over 500 years to be specific) However in this day and age it is less common to find someone who hails from this 'Tradition' - famous Cunning-Folk and Witches who had children grew up learning the craft from their family - this is where we get 'Born with it'. There is also belief in an idea about 'Witch-Blood' where your family's skills are passed down genetically.

Achieving it

This, like 'Born with it' has been around for years, it wasn't uncommon to learn a thing or two about magic from a local Wise-Woman, Goode Witch or Wizard (Yes, Wizard has been a legitimate term for a practitioner of Witchcraft for many years - it is just the 'masculine' term for it) or they seek out to perform a ritual to the spirits to dedicate themselves to them and hope to work magic with them and through them - this is a perfectly acceptable way of 'becoming a witch'. Less and less are we seeing people doing old folk rituals to become 'Witches', but more and more people are just picking it up with a small dedication rite - or just going with it.

Thrust upon them

The best way to explain this, it just appears in your life and you just run with it - Achieving it and Thrust upon them are generally very similar and happen at the same time. I've spoken to a few Mediums, Witches etc who said that it 'just happpened one day' they started seeing spirits, noticing strange occurences so they delved in - many would argue this, but, it's their belief and experience at the end of the day.

In conclusion, 'A Spell to become a Witch' is a valid idea, a lot of people don't agree with it, but that is their belief; however, it would be more appropriate to say 'A Rite to begin ones path as a Witch'.

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Re: How do I become a witch?
Post # 8
I agree with Weatherwax.

I would also say that most people who are into this have a bit of all of the above. Some have had magical practice in past lives, most of us practice unconscious magic all the time(sleep paralysis leading to OBEs, deja vus tying into precognition, "wishing" leading to results, the list goes on).

It is an interesting discussion, on whether a witch is made or born. Whether some people just aren't cut out for it. It is also a controversial topic.

If you did a spell to "become a witch" then all you've done is enter a current(or a pattern). Essentially, it would be an initiation, or dedication depending on who you ask. A spell meant to open some doors, and grant some things. In essence, much more than just a welcoming party.

What kind of spell did you do?
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Re: How do I become a witch?
Post # 9
Just be a witch
You will spend your life at study
Some things you will be good at
Not so much at others
Its a life style you need to make your own
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