Real evidence of magik?

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Real evidence of magik?
Post # 1
Is there ever a time where you're practicing/doing a spell and you see something? Not just feeling but really seeing something?

Like I feel the tingles and one time while doing a PSI ball I threw it at the door and my dog jumped up out of sleeping and looked at the door.

But you never actually see it do you?
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Re: Real evidence of magik?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Not really, not. Magic is just a manifestation of will guided by energy. When doing rituals, casting spells or drawing sigils the results you get aren't necessarily tangible. The spark of energy you use to 'impose' your will on the universe is more alike to the placebo or butterfly effect. Magic is something practitionershave a feel for, a gut feeling, or like you said- a tingling sensation.

You might take that sudden raise or finding lost money in your pocket at a sign of a succesful spell or merely a coincidence, but there isn't really any concrete evidece.

The closest you might get to 'seeing' magic is getting medical scans done while meditating (there actually have been several intriguing studies on this).

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Re: Real evidence of magik?
Post # 3
That's an interesting way to look at it, so basically magik is whoever its holder feels it is. You do what a spell recommends as a ground-base of your belief, and alas that belief and the spell itself mold together. I get it!

This is like the feeling of time. If you ever went back in time to set off an explosion maybe that's what created you. Saying you created it, and it created you.

Meaning magic is a foundation for intelligence to learn from, and with that we intellect learn, we believe from past learning's. So with them they exist, and because they exist they happen.

Hardly anyone probably understands this, but I understand. This, this is my theory of magic.
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