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Post # 1
I feel it is important to discuss the persecution of witchcraft in south Africa and to show a little support for our brother and sister witches. If you do not know Google it I was shocked that witches are still being hunted and burned. What effects one effects is as a community.
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Re: persicution
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

It's a bit more than 'The persecution of our Sisters and Brothers' the situation is more to do with fear, superstition and manipulation of the populace for personal gain.

Men, Women and Children are branded as Witches are tortured and abused - killed even - in some cases of the 'Child Witches' it's more small religious groups preying on families to get money out of them or other payments. In a lot of cases after the 'Witch' has been exorcised - they are abandoned by their family.

Most people who are targets of these 'Witch Hunts' in Africa - have never been proven to be Witches at all, there is also practice of this in the England - closed Church groups spreading rumors of Witches amongst their congregation to either get more money from their flock or to keep them under heel.

As an example, if a young woman refused the courtship of a man, she could be branded a Witch, if a child was seen dancing around on their own - they could be seen as a Witch.

Look at the Documentary called Child Witches - it actually comes from the view point of a Survivor of one of these Witch Hunts who was essentially tortured as a young boy.

It's not Witches who are being killed - it is people, being violated, manipulated and killed by people.

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Re: persicution
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

In addition to my original response, Albino peoples in Africa are attacked and have their limbs butchered and torn off for the Practitioners of Witchcraft in Africa because it is believed that the Albinos have power within him.

Please, do research on this topic and not just assume that if something says 'Witchcraft' it has to be Witchcraft. A lot of it has nothing to do with Witches, but more people getting revenge or other personal gains from the harming of another person.

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Re: persicution
By: / Novice
Post # 4
it is quite horrifying, but the sad thing is witch persecution happen all over the world [though i think Africa's need to be stopped now and i know it's been going on for a while] many witches in other countries can face a wide variety of persecution based on faith, vandalism, physical assault, being evicted or fired. it's quite outrageous this still happens but i feel it won't stop until enough pagans leave the shadows and demand change.

if you can get through the video i applaud you, it turned my stomach so i had to shut it off, but this video is the slew of online harassment one of the pagan youtubers i follow has to deal with. i know it's not as bad as the murders in Africa, but i wanted to use it as an example that there are people all over the world who believe witches are brides of Satan and need to be murdered.
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Re: persicution
Post # 5
Thank you for posting I leaned some new things this is why I started the thread in the first place thanks again
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