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want some adventure?visit
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want some adventure?visit this city especially have a 3rd this>>>

City Of Mystery in the Philippines, the most terrifying urban legends of the region
Credit source Mind facts!
Have you heard of the City of Biringan?
The city where people is not like us but the scenery is something that will left you in awe but the said city needs to be avoided at all costs according to people who have been there or lured to go there. We are fond of knowing stories that tackles about fantasy, magic and anything extraordinary and we seem to believe in its existence most especially if other people spreads the veracity of their experience to that world. Is Biringan City one of those wonderful places that we should aim to go to or should we not dare ourselves to visit the Invisible City?
First off, What and where is Biringan?
It is reportedly an undefined location in the Philippines . It is said to be somewhere between Calbayog City and Catarman, Northern Samar. The city is said to be invisible making it one of the most terrifying urban legends of the region. The city has its metropolis comparison but what makes it more mysterious is that it is only available for viewing at nighttime and its indescribable grandeur never ceases to amaze anyone who gets the privilege to see the mystic city.
But the City of Biringan doesn't only illicit pocitive feedbacks from everyone. To some, fear and panic evokes whenever the city is being mentioned making it like a rule to them NEVER EVER SPEAK OF THE CITY or even MENTION IT'S NAME. Why? Because the people who gets to visit the place where being lured to the place only because the city need its prey. There are also claims that if you get to visit the invisible city, You need to be cautious and pray for yourself because you are currently being possessed by the demon. Making the city more mysterious and more scary to anyone who have heard the stories of the people who have lost a relative to the said city or who were able to survive and come back to their bodies.
Biringan is claimed to be the legendary and mystical home of the elementals or the enchanted ones. They are said to be expert on changing their appearnaces for them to lure their visitors/victims. They can transform to anything or to anyone presentable, ideal or wonderful to the eyes of their visitors. They have their distinguishing characteristic and that is the lack of the philtrum, Philtrum is the indentation below the nose and above the upper lip. It is also stated that if an inhabitant of the city gets to be attracted to mortal to its neighboring city, They do what it takes to bring that mortal with them. And when they succeeded, the mortal's physical appearance will be like them; No philtrum,
Up to this day, Biringan is still being debated if it is truly a city in Samar that was forgotten, or a kingdom to the elementals that can be the portal to our world to the elemental and ethereal world. The Invisible city may be a wonderful site to see for those who have vivid imaginations, brave to experience a new world or anyone who wants to detest it's existence but one thing is for sure, The people who have been able to share stories about it and how their stories matches and fit together may prove something. This may be a product of Imagination, Hallucination or just a mere way of asking for attention but what would you actually do if you get to set foot on the invisible City filled with beautiful yet creepy inhabitants.
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