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Please help
Post # 1
I need help, my boyfriend is sick, the cartilage in his knees is wearing away, the doctors said that in a couple of years, they will have to amputate. I want my boyfriend to have a normal life, I'm desperate, I'll do anything, white or black magic. Pleas please help him.
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Re: Please help
Post # 2
I would recommend starting with a healing bath: white or silver candle salt and healing oil Run a very warm bath and sprinkle salt and a few drops of healing oil in it get in and feel the warm water When you are done pull the plug and chant I feel the sickness leaving me out of my body and into the sea. When it's completely drained stand up shower and exit. Next I recommend wearing a talisman consisting of the runes Agliz, laguz, and perthro. Any other questions just message me :)
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Re: Please help
Post # 3
runes and salt water. a picture of him, white/bluegreen candles, and a good imagination. cast a circle, light the candles, and imagine all of his pain and suffering going into a little ball. see it floating in the middle of circle. now bind it however you like, and imagine it turning golden. verbally instruct it on exactly what you want it to do and what you want to happen, finishing with tis my will, so mote it be. Visualize the orb going into the salt water and disolving. feel the energy in the water to check that it worked, then take the water and dump it in a river or under a tree (bury it if you put it on the soil so it can't escape). This won't cure or heal him, but at the very least it will make the suffering more bearable, even if not physically. He may not get better, this will not work miracles, but if you have a strong will and are determined to help him and be there for him no matter what, then it should at least make it less of a mental strain and give him even just a little bit of a silver lining to his life. I said runes earlier, but really you should use what ever symbols you want. I hope that things will get better soon.
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