Elder Entities

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Elder Entities
Post # 1
There were gods before God. Do you agree.
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Re: Elder Entities
Post # 2
In what context do you mean this? Do you mean in the progression of religion from culture to culture? Or do you mean in beings larger than what some consider to be an All Father or the Prime Being?

In a manner of history, I will agree to an age of mythos between gods and goddesses from the lore of where they have been identified, but in my viewpoint, I do not distinguish them in age from this basis. It's somewhat irrelevant to try and age deities when some can argue that divine beings have been around since the beginning.

In my personal viewpoint of the universe, the identities of the gods and goddesses come from an eternal force that permeates existence and has shaped it's mannerisms and identities according to what the people are most comforted by to communicate with us.

I believe that all beings come from a singular source that, at some point for one reason or another, had to sever itself into multiple faces to communicate and bond with others, each identity like the facet of a large diamond or similar construct. Not literally, but as a metaphor to say that they all stem from the same thing at the very base of their existence.

Anything before that would be hard to grasp and, frankly, I would not be sure where one would begin to understand or bring conjecture to it. Not only is it not important, but nothing would be gained from such an understanding, except perhaps madness.

And before you use the logic of, "that everything that has a beginning has an end", not only does spirituality, but also science itself disagrees with this statement. For some reason, everything is and always must be. The eternal conundrum that, let's be honest, is nothing but in exercise in driving oneself into an existential crisis.
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Re: Elder Entities
Post # 3
Would are you referring to as Big G God?

If you are referring to the God of Abraham, then yes. I will refrain from giving my personal opinion of it, it being the Aten/Ahura Mazda/Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah, suffice to say that that mono-god, is far from the oldest deity.

If capital G God refers to Source, the All, then there is a bit of a problem, because Source on its own is constant and eternal.

However, there were gods older than other gods, masks of the same gods appearing differently, currents flowing through time and space and linking various entities together. And there are stronger things than gods, and the very term "deities" is not a universal "species" name, but a label put on any entity strong enough to be worshiped.

Not all gods are on equal grounds, and it is very hard to generalize here.
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Re: Elder Entities
Post # 4
It depends what you actually mean. In my belief, I have belief in both the Hindu gods, the Heavenly Father Hananim(forgive me if I spelled this Korean god's name wrong), and Buddhism. In the belief of Buddhism, the Prajnaparamita tells of a time when there was only nonexistence with no sound, taste, seeing, pain, no end to pain, death, and so on. Nonexistence is a personified figure and not a deity. However, the only deity(well actually bodhisattva to be more accurate) that was there and experienced nonexistence was Lord Avalokitesvara(also known as Guan Yin and Chenrezig). Avalokitesvara was there before existence and after existence before all things were created including the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Also, the heavenly father was created by the universal mother herself. According to Rig Veda, one of the oldest manuscripts in the world, Kali is shown saying in 10:125, :
"I am First among those worthy of worship! I am the Queen of the Universe! It is I Who have diffused Myself throughout existence and made Myself known as all the various Gods. Through Me alone all eat, breathe, see, and hear. I give birth to even the supreme Father of this all!"
This shows proof that there were other gods before the heavenly father. Devi(who is Kali, Saraswati, Parvati, Chamunda, Lakshmi, and many other goddesses) is the universal form of the goddess who is the mother of all creation. Since Buddhism originates from Hinduism, the teachings show that Avalokitesvara and Devi were there before the supreme father.
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