Health draining

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Health draining
Post # 1
Dear fellow Travelers,
I come to you, because for various reasons, which need an explanation first. My father, a 70-year old, who has traveled through his life for almost half a century, has revealed something, that I almost cannot understand. Even though he has several long-term illnesses and hurts, he is perfectly healthy. So far so good, but me, a 19-year old student have a heart disease, a dyshidrotic eczema, joint pain,pain in my knees,backache and sometimes dizzyness. The weird thing is, that ever since dad moved one block away, each time I visit him and he starts to name what all hurts him- the same starts hurting me physically. When that happens and I ask him, whether he still feels pain, he replies, that he doesn't feel it anymore. A few years since that started my mum, who "recieved" migraines in a similar way thought, that his loud, meditation-like breathing each time we visited him wasn't ordinary. Then we found and my dad, when he was "weakened" by the weather-change or a long drive, he admitted, that with that meditation-like breathing, he exhaled all his illness and pain onto us. Then I asked him, what could I learn in that matter. He replied, that I should have a look at Siberian Shamanism. During his journeys, he visited Kazachstan, Siberia, even some Native American places in the U.S. .Now, to clear things up a bit more- ever since I've known him, he hated his ex-wife, who cheated on him and said, that she will pay for what she did... then a year came, when she and her lover got cancer- dad said, that she won't survive... half a year later, we attended their funeral. A couple of years after(it took some time to realise, what was actually happening before) my father moved one block away, we invited some people, who knew and practiced energy-detection techniques- with the two wire ends and so on- they found out, that his dark presence was still active in the most of our flat. Also, my father is what some call an "energy vampire"- he uses different techniques like guilt, gaslighting and self-pity to get powerful emotions as a reaction- anger, sadness,etc. When he wants to get them, he uses those techniques and starts an argument, just to get them. Now,I don't think anyone would believe me, but if someone could please tell me, which defence rituals or healing rituals or spells, that could help me and my mum with this. I can't break relations with him, plus my mum has a company running with him. So, my question is- can anyone of you please help? Currently I am studying various books about rituals, but so far I haven't found anything useful.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,


P.S.: Could you please leave a note or a hint on how to open my anahata and get rid of dyshidrotic eczema on my hands too?

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Re: Health draining
Post # 2
This is the kind of thing
Why i do spend time around my family
Bunch of energy suckers

You cant change them

From what you posted
You need to make a hard choice
That i feel you are not willing to do

Do what you need for your own well being
Or be a power source for some one
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Re: Health draining
Post # 3
"Even though he has several long-term illnesses and hurts, he is perfectly healthy."

First, I'm going to have to say that's a completely contradictory statement. Being "perfectly healthy", would mean he wouldn't be having pains or illnesses. Truth be told, everyone has a condition or ailment of some kind, even if they're not directly aware of it at the time.

As for the rest, your father is not an energy vampire. Being a psychic vampire is a completely different process. If you need a source on this, you need not look further than myself, as I became aware of this ailment from my own companions who were sensitive to energy.

Being an energy vampire, means you have the innate ability to draw out and absorb the emotion energies of others, those on the surface and some of those that people repress. Sometimes causing violent urges and reactions, as well as unbridled pleasure in others.

What you must understand about what your father is doing, if I'm to assume all of this is true, is that he has picked up a way of temporarily relieving his diseases and pains. The problem with this however, is that he puts in people. The proper practice, karmically speaking, is to put it in objects to be cleansed, burned and/or buried away. What your father is doing, if this is actually happening, is wrong on many, many levels. He needs to be confronted. The diseases and pains he is putting off, is unnatural in this form and has dire consequences on his karma, later in life.

He is the best one to remove the influence. However, if he is not easily coerced, you may have no other choice but to sever him. The intent he has for his family and children is harmful and to allow it to continue, will only bring more misery. Removing him from the household is perhaps the best option, limiting exposure to a minimal and investing in protective wards and spells.

There are plenty of amulets you can purchase for this task, as well as tonics and simple rituals you can perform. None need to be too extravagant, but the point of it is to sever his energy and reject.

But what I lastly need to speak of, while is a lot less likely, could still be a factor.

If somehow your father is a form of energy vampire, odds are he was one before anyone knew it and it is a condition that can very well be passed from generation to generation. It is entirely possible that you and many of your own family members, may be able to drain energy and can have consequences.

If this is the case, his ability may work threefold, as energy vampires are even more receptible to energy than normal. It would be wise to learn if your family has this condition and learn to control and curb it as I have. Both before and after I learned I was one, I had a habit of draining away people's emotional troubles. As a way of therapy, I have been able to help people draw their emotions and remove negative influences for a time to help them deal with it themselves and form effective methods of dealing with their demons.

This however, comes with a price. At times, it's caused physical pain to myself from memories they have, vivid exposure to what they feel which has heaped on my already extensive battle with being clinically depressed. Eventually I had to start learning how to shield myself, from people and them from me, because it grew to a point where I could not walk into somewhere as simple as a store without being bombarded by emotion and pain.

I'm sorry for going on and on like this. I hope what I've said has leant to your insight and can help you make a better way in the future.

Namaste and blessed be.
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Re: Health draining
Post # 4
Must say

Well stated
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Re: Health draining
Post # 5
Thank you for advises from both of you.
I apologize for not naming some statements correctly. It is because it took some while, after he moved to another flat, what was really happening. There was a time, when me and mum went to Egypt for holiday. Dad didn't go because of the heat and told me, that I should take an eye on her. It was when he became more and more jealous, their arguments became almost dramatic and as a 12-year old kid, I took refuge in sci-fi, but I had to do it secretly, as he hated it with all his mind. What I wanted to say with this- when we went there, I was like a bodyguard, constantly suspicious. Then a night came, when she went dancing alone. That was when I sort of freaked out and called her back, when out of failing the one single "mission", I decided, that I couldn't continue my existence- I tried to strangle myself with television-cable- it almost succeeded. I am telling you this also to show, that when I was younger, when dad lived with us, I viewed him as a "god", as he had traveled much and could teach me even more. To fail in his eyes was my greatest nightmare. Yet it happened, more than once and each time it did, I reacted the same way. To what is now I can say, that I still admire his knowledge and love him as a father, but to become the man I've always wanted to be, I decided to view him as a sort of animal, which "needs to feed" and can't do other, than the following, when it does:(this is a list, my mum could formulate a bit better): He is egoistic(could be acceptable as it is a character trait); he uses, what in psychology we call "projection"; when he talks- only his "opinions" are pure facts, other people have just opinions, that have no worth or are light years from the truth away; when he initiates a discussion, it is mostly a few hour monologue and if you interrupt, you get caught in an argument, which mostly ends with shouting or the other person(like we used to- he got angry lets say about why was the radio set on in the morning- small things without any particular importance- after the argument we felt guilty and immediately apologized, even if he was the one, who slammed the door);he used different manipulation techniques, including keeping us in "red alert" most of the time- that's why I got partial-paranoia diagnosed at a session at school last year. ....Now, the sessions helped me a lot- I was able to discover the roots of certain psychological abnormalities I had and to resolve them. Now,thanks to those sessions, I learned how to find and resolve different psychological phenomena, which I found to be toxic to my way of living. Thanks to those, I was able to build some strategies, with whose help, the contact with my father is significantly better on a psychological level- for example: When he wants to get his desired reaction in an argument, I simply use the same phrases, he uses to make me feel smaller, weaker, unimportant. Then, wearing a yellow piece of clothing help prevent such "attacks". Again, the terminology I use isn't exact, as I have just reached the line of identifying the unpleasant aspects. Why am I still writing this? Because I would like someone to understand the situation properly. I got help from my professors from the sessions, from a chinese-medicine practitioner and from a friend, who gets messages from angels and different dimensions. I would like to find a way, in which I may still visit my father(+he makes perfect first impressions, but later on, people leave him because of the things stated before), in which he will finally respect me(all the things I mentioned throughout this whole cycle- I have learned to view them as that he wanted to train me through them), in which I will be able to tell him about things and people I care about without fearing, that out of jealousy he might destroy them(like he did a couple of times) and in a way, which will allow me to protect my health, my interests(which have been mostly his main target) and talk with him about these things, while exchanging rituals and spells without the fear of him ever using them against me or anyone I hold dear.
Thank you for all your time and kind words of advise.
Take care!
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Re: Health draining
Post # 6
Simply put- to have him as an ally, not an enemy.
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