Weather spell for warmth

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Weather spell for warmth
Post # 1
Hi! I am a newbie!Happiness and joy sent to everyone.
I was browsing through the site for awhile now.Finally joined.So glad I did!!
I was wondering what the best and fastest working spell is for sunny very warm beautiful weather. I have browsed through the site and there seems to be many spells for this, but I wasn't sure which one people thought was the best.I don't want to alter the weather by me for long, but I would just like to have a warm and sunny October.Where I live, we went from having sunny hot and humid weather all summer through September, to cold, windy and rainy.There is no adjustment anymore where I live (Ohio area).We literally were upper 80's, for months, then dropped.58 degrees today..It doesn't look promising for the month ahead.I have lupus and raynauds.I was miserable today.All I wish for is sun, warmer temps..People here are soooo much happier, friendlier when it is sunny and warm.Plus so are the animals I believe. I am an outdoor person and would really truly appreciate your input.I don't have alot of money at the moment to buy alot of materials.I do have element oils..Love them..And candles.I still have flowers coming if that helps.I Thank You so much in advance
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Re: Weather spell for warmth
Post # 2

It is impossible to change the weather with a spell.

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Re: Weather spell for warmth
Post # 3
"It is impossible to change the weather with a spell."

That is debatable. I've honestly changed the weather before, well my dad did. My dad got some lint and he burned it and I was only 6 at the time, and what he said I don't know because he whispered. But then he buried the burning lint into the corner of our yard.

We should have gotten a storm + tornados but all of a sudden the clouds went around our city. The news map showed clouds coming towards our city, but then they skipped closer, closer, then all of a sudden a circle was around the city that was clear. The weather people were clueless about it.

This is basically what sparked my interest in magick.
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Re: Weather spell for warmth
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Yes, you can change the weather. My Son can do it. I can whip up a breeze when needed. I think it is something that only certain people can do. It is called working with the elements..
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Re: Weather spell for warmth
Post # 5
I don't neccesarily have a spell for warm weather, but I do have a home-made spell to send away small rain showers. WARNING! its not a very powerful spell, so please don't try to use it on big storms.

Chant: Let it be sunny. Let it be bright. Let the sky be filled with Light. Make these clouds, dark as night, forever leave my sight.
It helps to envision a glowing golden orb around you. The sky SHOULD clear up, making an expanding halo of clear skies around you. This was actually my first ever spell, and I know it's really cheesy, but for me it really works and is super useful because you can cast it where ever and you don't need a circle or a ritual to perform it. I hope this helps!!!
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