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Post # 1
I hope that I do & say what I need to get the help I am looking for. I'm MoonStar & I've been called a "witch" since I was young & I knew I was different. I don't like being called a witch because I have thought they weren't good & didn't want to learn that. I feel that I'm good & want to do good & My 1st and ultimate power & energy comes from God, always need him because I know there is a Devil. I call myself a Worker and I am here to do good and take care of people. I don't know what I am called or have much knowledge about all this but hope to change that. I have done a little work with Tarot cards, pendulums & have done a few spells and had good results. When working on anything I use many elements to acquire energy. I use the Moon and stars as well as fire and water a lot but use other elements
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Re: Learning
Post # 2
I apologize for the incomplete post, I wanted to ask anyone for help, all kind. I hope to learn more about a coven and be able to find 1 to join. Sorry if I sound like an idiot but hope to give anyone who reads this an idea.
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Re: Learning
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Welcome to Spells of Magic, I would like to say you are unique, but not because you have spiritual abilities, everyone has some form of abilities. Magic isn't given to a few people, it's given to everyone, but people don't usually view that, they usually don't consort with it. Your beliefs are your own, you don't need to explain your beliefs to us, if you believe in one god, two gods, three gods,..etc, that is your beliefs, we will not judge you for it.

Magic is neither good not evil, it's the intent of the caster that sways it's energy. Elements are used by many practitioners to harnest enough energy to do all kinds of things. The terms "Witch" is only a label for someone who practices magic, not everyone uses that label, some of us prefer our names instead of becalled, "Hey Witch," "Yo Witch",..etc. The label "Witch" isn't anything to be afraid of.

You didn't sound like an idiot, you sounded like you needed help, and understanding more about magic, it's not something to be afraid of.

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Re: Learning
Post # 4
Thank you for replying. Do you know a good place to start? I would like to join a coven when I learn more.
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