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Post # 1
Called a dragon last night
Just a simple basic spell
I find simple works better.
After a short time
Felt a rush of energy in a good way

Later i went out side
Now here is the question. "Being i am no dragon expert"
Saw a face spying at me. Out of the corner of my eye.
For just a flash. But clear.
From a over hang where i live.
A small face about the size of a cat.
But no cat.
A wide face. Light in color with pale blue around
Some kind of ears or horns on top of the wider part of its head
And its gone
I was not scared
I even smiled a little
I felt it was ok

What did i just see

I know dragons come in all shapes and sizes
They are not all great fire draks

Or was it something other?
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Re: dragons
By: / Novice
Post # 2
That is your own personal experience to interpret. As dragons are not physically real, and only a matter of belief, and as you confirmed nothing was actually there, I think you have the facts of the matter straightened out.

Whether you "saw" something in the corner of your eye due to sensing an entity, matrixing and false interpretation of perilheral vision, or what, is completely yours to interpret and believe or not believe.
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Re: dragons
Post # 3
Well Dragons usually exist on the astral plane but sometimes they can manifest. I have seen them both physically and in dreams and stuff like that. They usually dont hang around humans physically unless they are one of your guides. Then again they're are - Alot! - of creatures that you may not even know about. I suggest trying to communicate with them through dreams or even just asking them to show you signs. Maybe try the spell again. Good luck :)
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Re: dragons
Post # 4
I am not new to this
Just new here
I fully understand whats what
I just wounderin if any one had a idea of what kind it was

I have seen that kind of face in a book some where
Just do not recall where

There many planes
And many places
And many realms
To think this one. Is all there is?
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