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Quick Spells
Post # 1
Hi all,im new in here right now and i wanna ask you if you know quick spells like you say something and it happens instantly.All the spells i did reguired time to take plece.The spells can be about anything.And something else,i have a friend that wanna belive in magic but he needs some ways to see it is real.How can i show him with one quick spell that the magic is real?
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Re: Quick Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Spells are not immediate. You cannot say a word or phrase and then expect instant results. That is not how it works. If your friend is interested in magic then they should take the time to do their own research to learn what it is, and what it can and cannot do.

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Re: Quick Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3

The above is entirely correct.

To add to it, magick is also quite subtle. It's not as if you can cast a spell and shoot fire out of your hands (which is probably the sort of thing your friend is thinking). Spells do things like bring positive energy to a room, bring a little extra money your way, or help you study for a test.

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Re: Quick Spells
Post # 4
(These are from my experiences, if you disagree with them, please say why, instead of saying I'm wrong without explanation)
To a degree, you can use magic as a boost for certain situations. Luck spells for example, often work in this way as an instantaneous reaction.
Rain spells usually take a longer (over the course of a day or more), but I have made rain where there was not a cloud in the sky before, as have others.
Enchantments are best if accumulated over time with dedication, but they as well work instantly.

If you want to show your friend the reality of magic, you can do energy transference, which you can do by putting your positive energy into their body through touch.
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