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Help With Spirits
Post # 1
So I really need to make this forum. I've made forums before about how I see and feel spirits and other types of spiritual creatures. I need help badly. Its becoming worse now. First of all, I don't really sleep or when I do sleep I wake up. I feel this is definitely spirits, not just any old waking up its as if when somebody wakes you to get up and I wake up all scared and anxious, feeling as if somebody's around. I am feeling presences so much, and very strongly. I've been having nightmares with a few weeks now, some good dreams, some strange and some just utterly scary. I am in fact hearing things. I never was very clairaudient but it seems to be better now. I do bot hear full voices or conversations but its as if I'm more attune to the sounds around me. Sometimes I hear whispers but cant make them out, I hear things like when you get water in your ears, and strange high pitched beeping sounds, I don't know if this us just me but I feel as if its something else. I feel my psychic powers are developing. For a long time I've been trying to develop them. I'm becoming more developed in my clairsentience and clairaudience but not very much in my clairvoyance though I feel I see things out of the corner of my eyes and stuff. I am really scared, especially when alone, its worse. I've never been scared like this really before, sometimes I even sleep with the lamp on now, because I'm having nightmares. Somebody please give me some answers, and tell me I'm not crazy. As of right now I feel like I've just been woken up again, so I decided to write this. Any help is greatly appreciated ~
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Re: Help With Spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I understand you since I've gone and am going through the same thing.

It is probably your " powers " developing. If you were born with them, it's normal that around the age of 11-20 is when they grow in a large scale. It is nothing to be concerned about, but it is something that you will need to learn to manage.

What concerns me the most is the nightmares, whispers and strong presences specially when you are alone. It happen the same with me, but i was haunted. This is probably what's happening to you too.

What you should do is cleanse your home and yourself. For this you could use sage and/or salt.

When you do that, things will probably calm down. If they start happening again, you should consider a protection spell on your home and yourself, and a banishment spell/ritual for the spirit that is causing all that. You do not need to do this if the sage/salt worked.

Do not show that you are afraid. I know this is a hard thing to do, but give your best to not show fear. If you hear a sound, just make up excuses in your mind as if it was just the fridge or some door.

Try the sage and salt method. I can guarantee the sage will calm things down, the salt should be placed in doors / windows because salt will not allow negative spirits to go through it.

Try that. If it does not work or it comes back, you can mail me and I'll give you a hand.

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Re: Help With Spirits
Post # 3
Thank you! Things usually happen when I'm scared, tired or stressed, that's what I've noticed. I definetly think my powers are developing, I'm 13. I'm trying to stay open to everything because I'm a big believer, and I think its a gift to have such powers. I was definitely born with a sixth sense, I often see deceased family members, but I only see them as outlines or shadows but I know what they're energy feels like. I instantly know what kind of spirit or thing it is because of the energies, I pick up on the energies alot!
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