Happy greetings.

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Happy greetings.
Post # 1
I joined out of sheer curiosity to meet more like minded people. Ive seen this website before earlier this year in an attempt to research, but most of what i saw on the spells portion was expensive on materials or just downright silly nonsense. So i left it alone, and still likely will for the most part.
Im solitary for now. I have no fancy lineage that i know of, and work with lots of things.
My belief is sort of varied and for now i can really only describe as "pagan". For me, the simple spells of necessity and meditation with the Gods is enough.
I do tend to get adventurous and have many stories to tell for the listening ear, magical or otherwise. Theres more to who i am that meets the eye. Im a deep person who enjoys being a deep person and who enjoys the depth of character of others.

So after all that, hello!
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Re: Happy greetings.
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Welcome to SoM.

Yes, a lot of the spells are illegitimate, since the Spell Casters coven allows anyone to post them. However, there are some that work, and as for the materials, you can substitute or get rid of them as needed.

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Re: Happy greetings.
Post # 3
so ive noticed. i have a few of my own but i tend to agree with the general consensus that its best to use your own.
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Re: Happy greetings.
Post # 4
Greetings! Welcome to SoM.
I agree. You can always subsitute ingredients or leave them out. You can also make your own spells up, they are as good as any others. Magic comes from the heart. You will find spells on here that sorta dont work very well, but however also ones that work great, you just gotta find them. As for me, I usually make my own, and substitute or leave out ingredients if I have to.
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