Nightmares come true...

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Nightmares come true...
Post # 1
For many years now, I've been having nightmares that come true. It runs the gamut of problems, but what concerns me most are dreams of death for those close to me. They're not common but once I dream it, it seems to come true within 3-4 months--even in cases where death would not be expected for that person.
Am I killing those I love via my nightmares? Is there a way to stop this? Ideas, advice?
(Also, my good dreams rarely or never come true. And this proportion represents my life on the whole, I seem to be blocked and have lots of trouble.)
Thank you in advance--
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Re: Nightmares come true...
Post # 2
I'm not sure if I'm right but usually what your scared of, what you believe will happen, what energy you put into the universe manifests. For example, you believe you will do well in a public speech, you are confident and you only focus on the good outcome, not the bad, and the speech goes great, because you put positive energy out into the universe. Try not to be so scared. They are just dreams. Tell yourself that. Think more positively. On the other hand you could be clairvoyant. Maybe your seeing the future in your dreams very like the program Medium on FOX the TV channel. Or maybe somebody has put a spell on you to give you nightmares, though I doubt this. Just try the first method, think about it.
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Re: Nightmares come true...
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I highly doubt you are causing the deaths; rather, you may be predicting them. If the nightmares are bothering you, shielding can be helpful for blocking psychic abilities. If they don't bother you, don't worry about them. I've never heard of anyone causing death by a dream.

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Re: Nightmares come true...
Post # 4
Thank you for your response.
Can I protect people from my nightmares?
I also wonder if there's not something more sinister to my bad dreams coming true. As I said, I (and my family) have had almost exclusively bad circumstances for many years. And in the fall, especially, there seems to be an onslaught of trouble and tragedy, such that I've come to dread this time of year. This fall, in particular, seems to be very foreboding. Any ideas?
Thank you~
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Re: Nightmares come true...
Post # 5
I think maybe premonition or a link to the veil and you can see spirits about to cross over. I'd like for you to message me at your earliest convenience to better understand this and make a more informed decision
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