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Post # 1
I've been on this site for quite a while now and I've noticed something. everyone's talking about the use of enhancements like a wand to preform spells. What ever happened to being apart of magic, not just using it? I mean, did we not use our own hands to cast spells way back in history?

I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant, I guess the way I was taught magic was to let it flow through me, rather than focusing it through a piece of wood.

Lastly, whilst I'm on the magical subject, anyone know how to break a magical seal on someone?
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Re: questions...
Post # 2
Way back in history si where alot of the tools we use now came from..... Depends on the kind of witch and your practices,everyone uses different things for different purposes.s..Not only wands... Daggers,bells,mirrors.ect We use them just as our history did. We use them for different purposes and to draw certain energies. SOme wands are made to just bring in more energy and some are made specifically for spells.
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Re: questions...
Post # 3
For most, a wand isn't used like you'd see in Harry Potter; it's a tool that's usually used to represent air.
In general, spells that seem like something you'd see in HP are fluff.
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Re: questions...
By: / Novice
Post # 4
you don't need anything, but witches seem to hoard shiny things 'oooh look at this crystal!' 'ooooh what a pretty book!' 'look at this oak wand!' i've made several wands in the past, but never used them and eventually they got lost, or i just put them back somewhere in the woods [since i never did more than sand them down, it looks like a regular stick to anyone else] i'm happy with my athame [which i got for 5$ at a flea market lol] yes, a shiny athame like all the cool witches would look pretty, but i love mine. i've used my finger when casting, and it does the same thing, so really it's preference. [i knew someone who used a toothbrush. odd, but it worked for him]

regarding the seal, what type are we talking? if you know the seal you could visualize destroy it. you could also try cleansing the person or place and visualize the seal going away [say visualize it evaporating into the air]
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Re: questions...
Post # 5
I agree with Neko, but if you think it improves your magic, it likely will. I prefer to have a few tools that require attention to detail and dedication, but they are not necessary.
(i.e I use my runic engraved sword-cane, my wand, and a pentagram amulet with most rituals, but that is not out of necessity)
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Re: questions...
Post # 6
I have a tendency to use tools like a wand or ritual knife when I'm doing something big and the extra theatrics of getting the tools involved helps me get more into what I'm doing. Essentially, I'm giving myself a boost by adding an extra step.

It's a thought process thing for me personally.
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