Casting Side Effects

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Casting Side Effects
Post # 1
I've noticed that there can be a lot of different side effects when casting a spell, which very from what sort of spell is cast and how powerful it is. I looked around this website but I couldn't find a thread just on this topic, but I think others might find it helpful.

My most common casting side effect is tiredness. What are some of yours? What are some tips for dealing with casting side effects?
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Re: Casting Side Effects
Post # 2
I don't do much in the way of traditional spells yet, but when doing energy manipulation, especially after drawing too much energy and not dispersing it properly, I can sometimes get into a state of both really tired and really energetic, like drinking an energy drink while pulling an all nighter. Another common side effect is sharp physical pain in either my torso or legs, but that's generally when I become careless. On occasion, while doing an energy manipulation "spell" that, looking back, was way out of my league, I lost my ability to show my emotions, whether or not I actually felt them. It was temporary, of course, and only lasted a couple hours.
I never really "dealt" with the side effects, aside from just waiting them out until they were done.
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Re: Casting Side Effects
Post # 3
Depending on the effects, doing a cleansing afterwards can be beneficial. Being tired is normal if you do not pull extra energy necessary for the spell first. For hyper effects you can simply ground.
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Re: Casting Side Effects
Post # 4
There are several ways to keep such side effects from happening. There are Ritual baths to charge your energies, Grounding exercises, and many other foods and herbs that can help you as well. Check out some different sites, I'm sure you will find something that will help.

I used to suffer from extreme nausea and migraines from spells, but soon realized I was putting too much energy into them. So now usually I do a bath or a grounding, and it seems to work just fine.

Many blessings!
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Re: Casting Side Effects
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Side effects of casting are often easy to over come. Proper energy drawing during a spell or ritual will help you prevent tiredness. Grounding and centering before or after a working will help with feeling dizzy, energized or tired as well.

One, *opinion*, should not use their personal energy for spell casting, you should learn ways to bring more energy into your area and release all of that energy into the working. This allows you to end the working not feeling drained or overwhelmed. Energy is around us all the time, learning to access and draw upon it is an important skill for any magic user.

These symptoms you speak of are not inherent to spells, neither are they based on the type of spell or the perceived level of power of the spell. No spell has a level of power, they are all equal and have as much chance of success as they do failure. Power is an illusion that far too many have placed into magic as a way to feel superior to others.

Learning different techniques involved with spell casting and finding those that work best for you is your best option to counter act these 'side effects'.

*This is my opinion and understanding of how things work*
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