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Poppet making
Post # 1
I wanted to get into poppet making but I have a few questions.

1: will putting a drop of blood in my poppet bind it to me? If not how do I bind it.

2: can I use a psi ball and visualize healing on the doll to heal myself? Will sticking a needle in it really cause pain?

3: will warding it protect me from pshicic attack if so how do I do it?
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Re: Poppet making
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Poppet making
Post # 3
1. Sure, it certainly will. A less flashy way would be wrapping a red string and whispering, ''you are bound'' nine times, if a binding spell is what you are aiming for. If the poppet represents someone. If you want yourself bound to the poppet, as in, the poppet to represent you, a piece of hair or even your energy through a psi-ball is enough.

2. Yes, and yes, depending on your intent. You can heal like that, though there are definitely other means of doing so with a poppet. The needle is representative of action, the moving energy of the ritual. If you want to cause pain, you will use a needle imbued with some darker energy. Preferrably black or red.

Sometimes such ''direct'' magic can be effective, but if you wish to curse, you should opt for lesser methods, some mental(like inducing insomnia, nightmares, depression...) or circumstantial(bad bad bad luck, etc.) since there's a fairly strong chance of dirct physical pain not popping up.

3. Put your energy into it, and then cut the line, the one connecting you and it. In essence, the poppet looks like you, and has the same energy signature as you, so a sloppy magical attack, which is basically most wannabe dark wizards and wandering spirits, will be redirected at the poppet, which is now your decoy. Any alarms you have will go off, and let you prepare better defenses.

As for putting wards around the poppet to defend yourself, its possible for a more elaborate protection, but for all intents and purposes, that would be overcomplication, when you could just be casting all of this on yourself rather than a doll meant to symbolically act as yourself.
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Re: Poppet making
Post # 4
Can I steal energy from someone using a poppet bound to them is so what is the best way to do it?
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Re: Poppet making
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Someone already answered the first questions well. However, no one in their right mind is gonna tell you how to use a poppet to steal the energy of another. That's just bad use of magick even if it can be done. Why would you even want to?
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Re: Poppet making
Post # 6
Disagreed on that note.

And there are far easier ways to do it via poppet. But the answer is yes. Hold the charged poppet in your left hand. With every inhalation pull the energy into yourself with every exhalation seal it in. If you're serious about psychic vampirism you'll have to unlearn the crutch of breathing but at the moment it's a useful tool for moving energy in general.

And don't forget energy=/=power=/=consciousness.
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