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Helping a friend
Post # 1
My friend is being controled by a girl. To make this easier we will call the girl "A", my friend is "K", his childhood friend is "D". then her X husband "X". I am alot older than K but I love him like a son and it kills me to see her do this to him. And his mother is just beside herself. So here's the story: A was married to X he went to jail and she got with D, D went to jail and she got with K. A and X have a daughter which X has custody. A and K just had a daughter and as of now K's mother has custody because she was doing drugs 5 months into her pregnancy. A has K so confused he recently tried to commit suicide. There's a lot of drama involved i know. Anyway K is basically a strong willed and take care of himself kind of person. He's polite, never a mean thing to say about anybody. Just a real sweetheart. she makes him believe there are people after them, she is also making him believe every body hates him and that his friends and family are keeping her away from her newborn. I know first hand none of this is true. she also gets very upset when somebody offers help to him. they are living out of her car. K has his family to stay with all he needs to do is complete some classes that social services suggested. Is there charm or amulet i can give him to break her hold on him. Please help me help him!
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Re: Helping a friend
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Helping a friend
Post # 3
Well, have you tried communicating your feelings with the involved parties yet?
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Re: Helping a friend
Post # 4
There's a lot of different protection amulets and ritual kits you can buy from this website store. There's also some banishing kits as well. I know that you have already talked to the girl "A" about what's going on, but have you tried pulling her to the side saying to her, "This 'K' is my friend and I know that you love each other, but look how you guys are living." If "A" tries to cut you off, tell her to shut up and listen to what you have to say and speak when you're done. Say, "I've been there, many people have been there to help you guys out, but all you can do is push them out like they're wrong and don't understand." The thing is that something may have happened in her life where she may have tried to get help, but was turned down. Try talking no yelling tell her how your feeling about her and her friend sleeping out in their car. Give them positive feelings and not nothing negative. But if she still thinks that your wrong and upset and that your making it worse. Tell your to shut up and think about what is going on with their lives. Tell her to get up off her butt and fight for her children for if she does not social services will take her child and get to see them. And tell your friend "K" that he needs a new relationship in his life. He doesn't need a girl to bring him down in life and to make him to feel better about himself. Tell him "Your a grown ass man, take back your life. Yeah you may love her, but the love that you give her is no the same love she gives back." Everyone's favorite saying "There's more fish out there in the sea." Which there are and many would love and to go to the classes to see the kids. I know his mother has custody I think over one of them, but that kid doesn't need to be raised by his grandmother and not have his father in his life. I know how it feels to not have a father. The only person who will be playing that mother and father role will be the grandmother. Tell him to step up and take his place upon the father throne and get his life back in order. He can have as many kids as you want, but here will be only a couple of chances that he'll be in there lives. All this may sound hard, but you have to been hard to get through people and show them the life that they're living. Hope this help.
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Re: Helping a friend
Post # 5
I'm have someone this same advise not to long ago, there is a rune spell I know to cool emotions think of it as the opposite of fiery passion
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