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Help please
Post # 1
Im a gypsy who is having problems seeing the future an being able to since when creatures are near an what creatures are near. It all started to fade away about 4 months ago an within the last month it's almost completely disappeared an I feel lost with out it an I'm also not able to see creatures like I use to so if anyone has any advice that could help I'd really appreciate it. Thank you
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Re: Help please
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Help please
Post # 3
Are you meditating?? How much?? A quiet place?? Or in front of your altar place?? Has your familiar be acting different? Magick, sensing.. It all relies on the soul or spirit of the individual. Also will can and will affect your abilities.
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Re: Help please
Post # 4
I don't really meditate that often it's just hard to find time to really. An yes my daughter has been acting strange about a year ago she ended up talking about a monster that she has an at first I thought it was just her being kid then strange things started happening well about 2 months ago a lot of things in my life messed up an I ended up feeling drained for about a week an then my daughter started talking about me having a monster an I new it had to be one that I had mad because the last time I felt week like that was when I made my third creature. But every time I make one I feel it take more an more out of me
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Re: Help please
Post # 5
My daughter has been seeing things an she's seen the last monster I created I'm not sure if I've passed my powers onto her an that's why mine have left or what has happened because since I've had my son they've gotten weaker but a while before I got pregnant with my daughter something came an told me if I went through with being with her father that I'd never be happy again an that I'll be miserable for all eternity
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