Troubleshooting Spells

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Troubleshooting Spells
Post # 1
I am writing this because magic spells seem to be a focus of many people, so I thought that writing a post on several reasons why spells may fail in people was a good idea.

1. You cast the spell improperly

You left out, or substituted key elements, which rendered the spell ineffective. You kept dwelling on the spell after it was cast, doubting its effectiveness. You did not visualize emotionally, you visualized in the future tense, you stated your intent in the future tense, you stated a memorized incantation liturgically instead of wioth emotion, you went through the motions not understanding what it was you were doing, you had no clear intent, you did it blindly, you put more importance in the ingredients than the intent. Those are some common mistakes to look out for, though there are likely others. Essentially, the casting of the spell failed. There's a whole myriad of things that can go wrong here.

2. You cast the wrong spell
Not all money, love, or curse spells are the same. If you've cast a curse and instead you find your victim losing their job, and having constant nightmares, instead of dying on the spot because you didn't cast a death curseyou shouldn't be upset. THe same can apply to any kind of spell. A money spell when you need a certain quantity, and instead get it, but in smaller amounts over time, is still a money spell.

3.You haven't waited long enough.
Some spells manifest quickly, and the more skilled you are, the faster it gets. I've heard of individuals needing time to connect to magic in general, and spells taking them six months to manifest. Spells work, generally speaking, in manipulating mental, probabilistic, or other situational factors, so you can see why the elements of the chain reaction need to be prepared before it, the chain reaction, may be triggered. A month is a reasonable amount of time to wait. Afterwards, divine on it and begin the troubleshooting process.

4.You waited too long.
The more momentum a situation has, the harder it is to change. It's fairly simple, as a current is flowing in its direction. If you want to catalyze it, ensure it happens then you may, but if you want to change it, prevent it, or the likes, then cast the spells immediately. Cast it as soon as possible so all the pieces can fall into place. Don't wait until a couple's wedding day to try breaking them up.

5.It's outside your sphere of availability.
If you are a successful businessman, with good investements, or a product to sell, and lots of customers, asking for massive amounts of money like 500 000 dollars, when it's possible, or even a stretch isn't that much. Compare that, to an individual who's unemployed, asking for the skies to part and rain money won't be successful. Since you have no means of achieving wealth, a million dollars is probably outside your "sphere of availability" at this time. That's not to say that you shouldn't have ambitious or even seemingly impossible goals, but you have to expand your sphere of availability one step at a time. If you want to get wealthy, cast a spell to get a better job, to increase your business, or for your investments to do well. After you achieve that objective, choose another, more ambitious goal for your next spell. A pact can be made in working towards a goal, and it is far from a simple project. It's better to have one big working, and backing each step with simpler workings. Eventually, 500 000 will be within your sphere of availability. More power means more stuff. Greater control over the subjective reality.

6. The spell worked, you just didn't notice it working

Your spell may have worked, but you didn't realize it. That may seem impossible, but let me explain. Suppose you cast a love spell to attract somebody to you, and someone you've noticed before, and sometimes interacted with, is suddenly being oddly flirtatious to you.

You decide to go out, and hit it off, but since this is someone who was already in your life rather than a new person you think that the spell failed.

The final option is that there's something wrong with the spell. That it's unreliable, untested, flawed, impossible, or otherwise not effective, but before jumping to that conclusion, rule out one of the above, and divine on it.
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Re: Troubleshooting Spells
Post # 2
I found this very interesting and helpful. Thank you for posting this and have a blessed day/night :)
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Re: Troubleshooting Spells
Post # 3
You are welcome.
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Re: Troubleshooting Spells
Post # 4

Very well put together, Zelotar. I was contemplating writing up a similar myself. I probably still will, covering mostly the contents of #1 in more exhaustive, instructive format.

Excellent work.
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Re: Troubleshooting Spells
Post # 5
So I only do white magic.. But I have a q.. Isn't doing spells for money for your self a no no?? Isn't that against the rules of never do anything to hurt or for personal gain?? And I need help waking my gifts that I have pushed away for years and not wanting any part of them.. How do I rebuild my self and my power again..
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Re: Troubleshooting Spells
Post # 6
Um...I am kind of on the completely opposite end of the spectrum. While not a chaotic and evil libertine, though I do know some, all of my values are self-established, rather than externally established bindings ethics.

Which means I have absolutely no qualms with hurting others with magic, even killing(and worse things than death) for those that deserve it, in my opinion, and will seek no approval from others. At times, perhaps guidance, and advice, though if I am dead-set on it even things stronger than me will have a harder time talking me out of it.

Likewise, I am perfectly fine with using magic for personal gain, even when at the detriment of others, granted I am picky about who has the detriment in question.

So using money spells on yourself is perfectly fine, even actively encouraged, in my worldview, morality, and magical system. Your path is your own, and it might not fit or agree with you.

As for how, you've already got enough power in yourself, that needs to be rediscovered and tapped into. In fact, that was the bulk of my work for years, not growing in power, or becoming stronger, but remembering who and what I was and am.

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