Interpreting dreams.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Interpreting dreams.

Interpreting dreams.
Post # 1
Hey there, new here as of yesterday.. not entirely sure what I'm looking for but it seems like there's a wealth of knowledge to be shared. I was wondering if someone would be willing to interpret a strange dream I had, I've been told it's unwise to interpret your own dreams. Thanks for reading, feel free to get in touch!
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Re: Interpreting dreams.
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I think it's better to interpret your own dreams. You could ask a hundred people and get a hundred different answers. Everyone has a unique way of looking at things and culture and tradition can influence how we view symbology. For instance the owl is seen as a bringer and keeper of wisdom in some places and a guardian and guide of the dead in other places.

I'd suggest that you interpret the dream yourself. Keeping a dream journal may be useful. You can document your dreams and keep a list of symbols and meanings.

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Re: Interpreting dreams.
Post # 3
Thanks for the reply, I've always heard that it's very difficult to interpret your own dreams because you're likely to form your opinions based on ego and desire. A dream journal is a good idea though, it's not very often that I remember any given dream for long.
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Re: Interpreting dreams.
Post # 4
I've been in your position before and I may be of help. So from experience if I was you. I wouldn't ask someone else to find a meaning to dream or online/offline dream dictionaries. Mainly of those that's religious! Unless if your religious yourself. But apart from that I would trust others with dreams. For example: if you dream of a baby the meaning of the symbol for one person would reflect new beginnings as such: starting a new job, project, relationship, health problem, grief and some on! While to another person the symbol of a baby in a dream would reflect what sort of children they will have.

So back to my point. If your using a online dream dictionary or what method you decide to use to find a meaning to a dream symbol. You will come across different meanings from different sources. To know for sure of a meaning to a selected dream symbol you will feel enlightened or calm (whatever feeling you express when your happy or excited). But when you find the right meaning for the dream symbol you'll know!
Sorry if you can't understand this, hope this helps
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