Opins anyone? Protection

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Opins anyone? Protection
Post # 1
I posted 'Uncomfortable energy' yesterday. The 'uncomfortable energy' guest is out for the day. I do have a mundane reason for needing to be in their space at some point today. My question is as follows: Should I wait until the guest is gone for good? Or go ahead and protect the space while they are still living in it? Would I be protecting them within in the space if I do it while they are there, or would I be protecting the space from their weird energy? Other things to note: The guest is paid up until October 1 and I'm feeling a little better about their energy now than yesterday.
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Re: Opins anyone? Protection
Post # 2
I think that negativity should be cleansed as soon as it is noticed. But I am not sure if you should enter the space they have paid rent for without their consent. Have you spoken to them about how you feel? Maybe you can ask them if they would mind you placing something small, like a dish of salt, somewhere in the room to help absorb some of the negativity. Or, if they aren't open to things like that, you could perform a cleansing ritual and use visualization (white light filling their room, etc.) rather than physically entering their space. And then when they move out, do a more physical cleansing of the area they occupied, and include the entire home, followed with a protection spell or ritual of the entire place.
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Re: Opins anyone? Protection
Post # 3
I wouldn't enter without their consent. No worries there. I've protected the house itself. The guest is in a separate building. Their energy has changed now since yesterday. Their focus is on a friend coming to visit. I really think it was all just their anger at their previous situation and a need to 'make a clean break' from it? My feeling was that they wanted something from me that I was either unwilling or unable to give as a stranger. I think this friend whose come to visit is providing that, whatever that is, because the air seems very clear now. Thank you all for your help. I feel much better.
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