grimoire book in dreams?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> grimoire book in dreams?

grimoire book in dreams?
Post # 1
I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyways.

So i have had some kind of a book appearing in my dreams, i do not know where it came from nor i have ever seen it in the reality, but in two dreams i have seen it, the first dream is that i found it in my house, specifically in my garage, and i have red it and used it, that dream was about the book, but other day i just dreamed about my house, but i was walking around my house and doing stuff but i found the same book in the same exact place, i opened it and saw the same content inside the book from last time then i took it and went inside then the dream ended.

but here is what the book looked like
the cover is dark leather and the title was just "grimoire"
the paper was old paper like tea stained paper and here is the content part, the first two or three pages were written in runic letters so i ignored it but after these runic pages there comes the spells page, which had 3 spells, i only remember what 2 of them did which the first one would freeze anything i want it to freeze, and the second one would ("destroy clothes"?) Yes i know that is ridiculous, but i don't remember the last one, i think it was something about fire, but after the spells page there were other pages about history and stories with pictures in the pages, that is all i saw inside the book.

but i had some kind of a strange feeling in the dream, which it was like me or my soul is connected to the book (grimoire) and the grimoire was someone that would help me in my life.

but keep in mind the book appeared in my dreams randomly and i have never seen it in my life and i do not know how it just appeared there.

That is all, sorry if i misspelled anything or i wrote this in the wrong place, i searched around in the internet about my dream and i found this place so i asked here, thank you for reading!
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