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looking for help
Post # 1
i have been feeling uneasy this year as if every nerve is wired, i can describe all my dreams or what i have been seeing because im not sure if its me going crazy or if its something else. i thought ignoring what ever it is would at least go away but it finds other ways to confuse me. please if someone knows anything message me
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Re: looking for help
Post # 2
I want to address the part were you said ignoring it it might go away and I think I might have some helpful tips. OK. Firstly in my opinion even if you made room for it in your life like I did it will still be there & sometimes this stuff needs room & to be acknowledge. Secondly I know from experience that we all feel safe in our beds and couches ( I read this )so to build up a (I will call it a wall of defense) sleep any were except those places I would sleep dead center of my room or under the window and yes it helped but it did not do the trick. Best of wishes. If I can help in any way more then what I`ve already tried please let me know. Note I am not always here so please wait I come here about twice per week. I want to be here more but I am still learning my way around. And speak of the devil this very morning 2016 September 19th at 5:35 Am pacific standard time I had a nightmare that was so bad that I coundn`t even get my shoe on so I left them on the floor and walked outside in my socks and this is something I no longer do but I recorded it on my phone so I would not forget it. Because writing a dream journal was stranger then hell it was like the pen took over and the dream would be twice as long with more stuff or even go on into infinity it felt like so I stopped this process. P.S. I just remembered something TV. is not good ( Violence ) so try to stay away from those types of shows. END.
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Re: looking for help
Post # 3
i dont watch scary movies often or horror like that. but i just spoke to my mother that knows about this she told me to be very careful that is might be that someone in my life is in danger or me. but i cant tell if its evil or not. but she did say to get holy water a cross and a preyer that she will send me.
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Re: looking for help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: looking for help
Post # 5
First you need to protect yourself there are several 21st to do this I can tell you if you wish to know more it doesn't matter if it's your or a friend in danger your can't save anyone while your at risk. Next do you best to accurately identify what it is again more than happy to help would love to talk more about it but it's up to you. After you identify what it is you can remove it from our plane of exsistance. I have studied many areas of magic and occult and religion and have a good reputation for solving problems like this for my friends and anyone who needs it. Just seems me a message and I'm sure we can fix it.
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