Good Energy in New Spaces

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Good Energy in New Spaces
Post # 1
Hello friends. My roommates and I are in the process of moving into a new apartment. I'm looking for recommendations on how to create a satisfying energy in the space both ritually and aesthetically. Would love any suggestions on colors, items, rituals especially if you've tried them yourself and enjoyed the effects! Thanks.

- Val
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Re: Good Energy in New Spaces
By: / Novice
Post # 2

1. You could do a quick spell to bring positivity and happiness into the house.

2. Burn incense with scents that relax you/make you happy. You could also hang bundles of herbs with that purpose.

3. If you worship any deities, you could ask them to bless the house. If you work with any spirits, you could ask them, in addition to the deity or instead of (depending on your tradition). You might want to leave an offering out for whatever entity you ask in exchange.

4. Make sure the house has plenty of light. Open, brightly colored curtains can help with this. Paint the walls in warm colors that aren't too dark. You can also keep candles in every room; when you burn them, it will fill the room with a nice glow. (Make sure not to leave any candles unattended!)

5. Keep things organized. Messy houses cause stress for most people. Go ahead and get a system in place now, and the house will be easier to maintain once you settle in.

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Re: Good Energy in New Spaces
Post # 3
I agree with the comments before mine, another good thing you can do is light sage and walk around with it and just visualize pure white energy expanding and cleansing the apartment or house. It's a good way to bring light in and if there is anything there that isn't friendly, so to speak, you would kinda catch it in the mist . If that makes sense ( metaphorically ).
Another good thing you can do, is keep a lot of plants around inside the place, maybe by the Windows, or just hanging up . To keep a positive atmosphere. If you are into plants and nature that it brightens your day.
But in all honesty, the best thing is to do what you feel would bring the most into your home. Keep and open mind and take from the comments, but do what you feel is more drawing to you .
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